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Cross X Need More Ld Stuff!

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I'm locking this, here's the two-step solution to avoid that:


Step 1: Look through this forum to make sure that what you want hasn't already been done. There are quite a few LD-focused threads you can jump in on.


Step 2: If there is no existing thread to use, then be more precise with what you want to talk about here. During the competition season, there are threads for each LD topic, so most ev trades and topic-specific ideas are discussed there. Obviously, there is no active topic thread right now because there is no active topic. If you do start a new thread, don't make a "placeholder" where you expect others to add content, you need to start by adding content yourself. Organize an evidence trade, post an idea of your own to be agreed or disagree with, ask a question ... do something other than "hey, y'all can post stuff here, if you wanna." The very existence of this forum tells them that clearly enough.


Because this forum doesn't just have LD stuff, it's important to keep it as uncluttered as possible. This thread, which has a vague scope and a first post that provides zero substance of its own, is clutter. Locked now, and will be hidden soon.

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