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Round 510 [Infrastructure]: Teleportmassive (Aff) Vs. Cheeseeater88 (Neg)

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Word counts sound good to me



1.) Your farmer evidence says transportation itself has been co-opted by neoliberalism because it enables globalization, tourism, and trade. How would free public transit stop this?


2.) Your Giroux evidence is talking about structural adjustment policies which are loans given out not by the Usfg but by the World Bank and international financial institutions. How does public transit in the US stop structural adjustment policies from imposing neoliberalism on the so-called "Third World"? How can you solve global neoliberalism with a policy that only occurs in the US?


3.) What is race? What is racism? Does the plan solve all racism?


4.) Your Elden evidence indicates that racism enables biopower which is why it gives the State the authority to exterminate the Other. Is racism the only justification for biopower?


5.) Your Ross evidence is only critiquing the "corporate media" and the way it frames neoliberalism. How does this apply to scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals that would argue neoliberalism is good?


6.) Doesn't your Elden evidence saying racism will exterminate us all link to your Gross and Gilles evidence that apocalyptic rhetoric is bad?


7.) Do you use fiat? Do I get to link offense to the plan's implementation? Or only to its imagination?


8.) What kind of "investment" in public transit are you making? Could I have some examples of the kinds of things that might happen in the world of the plan?


9.) Could you define neoliberalism for me?

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1.) The distinction is the purpose of the transit -- under passage of the plan, the purpose would the peoples' to decide, and our solvency evidence indicates that the would use it as a site for change and to combat neoliberalism, not to enable globalization. Neoliberalism is a system of thought we can begin to uproot, not something we ever totally "solve" by enabling certain concrete actions... (that should help with numbers 2 and 9 as well)


2.) Bottom up change which makes people think these loans are unnecessary, if they are neoliberal loans. I'd argue that "global neoliberalism" isn't really a thing; all of Europe runs by social democracy, and as you've said, developing countries aren't market based. We should dismantle neolib in the US because it's a big contributor, possibly a lynchpin (as you've said, we're the ones encouraging others), but even if it isn't, decreasing racism and the logic of extermination is still very impact on a localized level.


3.) Race is a classification system used to categorize humans into large and distinct population or groups based on heritable phenotypic characteristics, geographic ancestry, physical appearance, and ethnicity. Racism is the use of racial constructions to justify discrimination and harm towards either individuals or groups. I'll answer the question of "solving" a pervasive problem which exists mostly in the mind the same way as I did above -- we are a first step, a meaningful one, and will stand by the fact that neoliberalism is the largest enabler of racism and that we make a dent in it.


4.) No. Honestly, all of your questions are confoundingly essentialist.


5.) A) Scholarship influences society, B) the parts in the middle talk about think tanks and "experts;" I can highlight it for the 2AC if you'd like.


6.) Extermination is not the same as extinction, and if we interpret it not to be a figure of speech (which it very well could be), it is grounded in systemic, 100% probable, empirically proven information from those effected as well as, you know, peer-reviewed professors. "Economic collapse causes extinction" isn't proven by history; we aren't extinct, usual neg contrived internal link chains don't make any sense, while our analysis of the status quo doesn't need logical jumps the way buying pol cap does.


7.) Yes, yes, no.


8.) A monetary investment, obviously, but we are also "invested" in the sense that we care what happens, and the USFG will "invest" time into coordinating things. If the plan happened, local people potentially effected would think about how and when the transit should be implemented, and consider where the stops should go. Our infrastructure is open, and will include what they want -- subways, buses, rails...


9.) Neoliberalism is the economic ideology which says what's good for the free-market is good for consumers, and thinks privatization is good which spills over to playing values on non-commodities.

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Can I judge this round? I'm tab and will listen to pretty much anything. I digg k's, and run them every round. If you need me to build upon anything, just ask me specific questions.

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