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Condition Cps

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A Conditions CP is a Pseudo-PIC which basically states to do the plan, but only if a certain condition is met. A good example on space might be, "The USFG will develop and deploy Deep Space Climate Observatory, but only if the Obama Administration' 2012 Smart Grid policies are not adopted by the end of this year." The neg can claim that these Smart Grid policies solve for the entire affirmative (Solar Flares) and is developed in the status quo, so the plan would be unnecessary if the policies are complete by the end of this year. Another good example is the Consult CP, which is a pseudo-Conditions CP, because it states the plan will occur if this country says yes in a consult.



A few answers to it would be .

1. If a condition is given to where some organization or country has to agree to it, you can see that that actor would say no, taking away any solvency.

2. Whatever condition they say is bad.

3. PICs bad theory

4. Conditions bad theory

5. Perm do CP because normal means checks back the condition?

6. You can find evidence that the condition is normal means.

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