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Zizek V. Horowitz, Julian Assange Presiding

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"You got a leftist in the White House, A guy who was brought up and trained by communists whose whole political career was in the communist left"



Can i get an amen?!

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I've been saying Slavoj Zizek wrong...


also Horowitz pisses me off so much.


OMG 6:15 ish where Zizek is flowing!!!!!!! EVERYONE LOOK.


and at some parts he talks fairly fast


clearly he's learning from debaters


by 14:00 he's sweating a lot


he looks like he'd enjoy some pancakes




"war is the natural condition of mankind" noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


my favorite part was when he called the Pakistanis asians, i think


at 22:00 ish Zizek does what I'm going to pretend was a well executed pen flip - what a pro


that part at 26:50 where Zizek brags about how much people try to kill him was the part where he quadruple confirmed his badass status

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I watched this when it was first uploaded to YouTube, and I have to say Zizek owned the spot. Horowitz is a total nutjob, clearly brainwashed to serve Obama.

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