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Aerospace Da

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this is a great DA, and has many parts into it. it has many parts but the most famous is the lobbying which means that

A: uniqueness-airliners and space things like air force losing power and influence

B-Insert link(your plan increases aerospace)

C- aerospace companies use that to get power in congress(called lobbying)

D- that means that they will exploit war and make war (nuke war) to get money.


but what i did and (and i won literally 10 neg debates in a row on this) is use 1 DA but have 2 seperate internal links to answer.

Look in the file and you will probably find nanotech cards. Run the aerospace DA with uniquness and link and stuff, then run seperate internal links kinda creating a mega DA.

Chances are they can only answer one of them or are going to make crap answers to so then drop the one they defended and extend the weak attacked or dropped one.

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Just aerospace? I find a much more offensive version of this is Russian Aerospace and then run DA turns the case arguments. Talks kind of russian relations but doesn't relate to our screwed over economy. The recent stuff with Putin makes it very nice as well

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