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Ecofeminism Kritik

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Ecofeminism is depoliticizing because it relies on metaphysics

Boggs, 1997 (Carl, National University, Los Angeles, Theory and Society, “The great retreat: Decline of the public sphere in late twentieth-century Americaâ€, December, Volume 26, Number 6, http://www.springerlink.com.proxy.library.emory.edu/content/m7254768m63h16r0/fulltext.pdf)


The same logic seems to accompany the phenomenon of Goddess worship, a form of spiritual politics grounded in a convergence of feminism and ecology that first gained a wide following in the early 1980s. Ecofeminism relies heavily upon metaphors and myths from the past - notably in its glorification of the early Neolithic period - that reveal women's supposedly unique relationship to nature. Draw- ing on metaphysics, it embellishes vague cosmologies and such notions as "divine immanence," but without ever linking them to specific his- torical conditions or social forces. There is little space for collective action in pursuit of actual feminist and environmental goals. As Janet Biehl argues: "The more radical feminists who initiated that movement recognized that the full equality of women could not be achieved without far-reaching changes in all structures of society. By contrast, ecofeminism's sweeping but highly confused cosmology introduces magic, goddesses, witchcraft, privileged quasi- biological traits, irra- tionalities ... and mysticism into a movement that once tried to gain the best benefits of the Enlightenment and the most valuable features of civilization for women. 29 Ecofeminist denigration of the public sphere can be seen most clearly in its strong emphasis on the household, or domestic sphere, as the main source of women's identity. Biehl shows that the ecofeminist idea of community scarcely goes beyond the oikos, which takes precedence over the polis; indeed "women's values" take on meaning almost ex- clusively within boundaries of the oikos. While a vibrant domestic life can be essential to community, a basic truth has persisted over time: only in the public sphere does human interaction and decision-making with societal-wide implications take place. In romanticizing the house- hold, therefore, Goddess worship puts forth a parochial vision of social life in which politics is either dissolved into the oikos or relegated to a male-dominated polis. In either case, the very ideal of citizenship is ultimately broken up and destroyed .30 This "feminist" withdrawal from politics constitutes a form of inverted statism insofar as it allows the patriarchal state apparatus to wield power with relatively few impedi- ments.

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Back when Kerpen hosted the website HSdebate.com (I believe thats the URL) there was about 10 pages of eco-feminism bad. The most typical is the essentialism argument. (stereotyping).


Another example is white feminism or first-world feminism bad (i know mohatny makes this later argument--a number of african american feminist make the first)


Also, the sex/gender argument. Another version of the essentialism argument known as biological essentialism.


This isn't a terrible idea:

Impact turn patriarchy. Realism. Framework of course.


You might be better served impact turning with technology good and science good given that is their link. There are probably a number of good indicts of radical environmentalism which would answer eco-feminism too--you might set that up in cross ex.

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First, all of the above suggestions are obnoxious and stupid. Impact turning patriarchy always loses, and probably makes you a shit human being (you wanna defend rape good?)


Second, framework is ok, but a non-starter since the negative probably ultimately gets critiques. This varies depending on the region and level of competition, but as a rule you should have some substantive response to the kritik.


Third, when in doubt, SPOT: solvency, perms, offense, theory. S: Alt doesn't solve the case or the K impacts P: perm do both, the aff then alt, perm do the alt. O: the alt sucks. T: multiple contradictory conditional floating advocacies are uniquely abusive, vague alts bad, etc.


Fourth, counter-kritik the attachment of women to nature; that was the best suggestion in this thread. "women" is probably a dynamic, continually shifting category of heterogeneous people - assuming that those can all accurately be grouped together and then tied intrinsically to nature is bad.


Fifth, if you never want to lose to an environmental kritik again, look up Martin Lewis's "Green Delusions". He literally answers every strain of ecological theory that I've ever seen.


Here's a file with some decent answers. http://www.mediafire.com/?dke28t28ja6ljjs

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I know that judges in Pennsylvania hate kritiks so a solid framework argument is normally good enough, but there are some judges who will vote on them.




Solvency: How can the neg possibly prove that rejecting the plan can solve for any of our impacts, expecially something like asteroid impact or resource wars?

Perm: How do you properly answer severance against perm do the alt?

Offense: Can we just read a card saying ecofeminism doesn't even solve their own impact because it continues with a patriarchal society?

Theory: I guess theory is self-explanatory


To counter-kritik, do we just call them out on making a sweeping generalization about all women or do we actually have to read a card on it?

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I know this is about responding to ecofeminism, but I feel the need to point out that not all (maybe not even most) ecofeminists engage in essentialist arguments equating women with nature.


For some examples, check out Greta Gaard's "Toward a Queer Ecofeminism" http://www.lespantheresroses.org/textes/ecology_toward_a_queer_ecofeminism.pdf



Also check out Chris Cuomo's book, Feminism and Ecological Communities (there are many other resources worth citing here, but for brevity I won't).


Also see Greta Gaard's important history on how ecofeminism became inherently viewed as being essentialist.

http://gretagaard.efoliomn.com/Uploads/EcofeminismRevisited2011.pdf This is pretty good for putting the fight in context over issues of speciesism, as well. Which, depending on your strat, might be just the sort of internal link you need to get into a quick impact extension against this particular line of arguments.


Here is another interesting article on ecofeminism and essentialism, and this one also has pretty good offense against the argument of accusing ecofeminism of being essentialist http://www.revalvaatio.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/gills_et_all-third_wave_feminism_a_critical_exploration.pdf#page=242



None of these exhaust the debate, and there are a lot of citations in those articles and book worth looking into as well. However, anyone running ecofeminism should not only be ready to prove that ecofeminism isn't essentialist, but that arguments contending ecofeminism is essentialist is both speciesist and sexist, and seeks to sabotage actual solvency for environmental concerns.

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