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Tfa State 2012

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The Greenhill school traditionally has great success at TFA state. That is a squad full of kids who work incredibly hard and that level of preparation is instrumental to success at this tournament.


I'd also bet San Antonio has a good showing. Churchill won the University of Texas tournament earlier this year, which is similar in difficulty, but judging will not be on their side. The lack of many "K-friendly" judges will put a hamper on Churchill's success, and drastically assist Greenhill's (who is very capable of winning in a slow disad + case debate, something every judge can appreciate). The judging may also hinder Reagan SZ who has been on the bubble of major success all year, bid early, and will have very strong coaching at TFA.


Both Westwood and Jesuit are diverse squads who are great at adapting to judges. They also both have a slew of nationally competitive teams, which means effective preparation could propell them to deep elims. I'd expect to at least see Westwood CY in quarters or beyond (but I'm biased towards my alma mater). Dulles kinda falls into this camp, but the raw talent of Faraz and Humza is something that gives them a strong edge against middel-of-the-road teams.


Those are my thoughts.

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Any word on results? What went down in finals? Any epic stories from quarters / semis?


Semis were


Kinkaid rm v. Greenhill SP

Churchill BiLi v. Greenhill SU


Finals was


Kinkain rm v. Greenhill SU


I was forced to leave before finals finished. Anyone have the results?

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