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Don't mean to hijack the thread but wanted to let all you KS debaters know about a great opportunity that runs immediately AFTER the last week of the 4 week JDI program (July 27- Aug 4), the Nebraksa Debate Institute. It's basically 10 days of pure rounds with 1 round/day minimum starting day 2. It is most widely known for its critical side, with some of the best critical minds in both HS and college debate headlining then staff (Dana Christensen (Westside Formerly Millard South) Ryan Wash (CEDA semi-finalist, first round NDT) etc. as well as many instructors that have actually taught/currently teach at JDI (Jeff Robertson, Halli Tripe, Chris Spurlock, etc).... Recently though they have added some staff that makes this a perfect opportunity for KS debaters to not only learn about all this critical debate but also HOW TO BEAT IT consistently. I am the policy coach at Sioux Falls Lincoln, the last 2 years alone our small South Dakota school has been in elimination rounds at countless bid tournaments, gotten 3 bids, cleared a team at NDCAs, had a team in semis of NCFLs 2 years ago, won NCFLs last year, had teams in deep outrounds at NFLs along with the 5th and 12th speaker at that tournament. Along with myself, Mike Ewald, director of debate at UC lab and my former assistant as well as former (and current) SFL debaters and NCFL champions Ana O'Hara and Jack Erpenbach will be there to help. Finally, we (SFL) have 2 soon to be seniors that hope to be one of the best teams in the country next year that are *probably* going to double NDI up with Gonzaga scholars so in addition to the already amazing staff and competition there, I think there are some particular items that can really make this very inexpensive week of debate a great primer for any Kansas teams that are looking to get a little more ammo in their toolbox for those big postseason tournaments... see page below, or feel free to pm me with questions, its legit.. did I mention it's only $775 for the entire week + and thats for everything including housing and food!!!



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