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Baltimore Udl Launches Fundraiser For Hip Hop Contest-Needs Debate Community Support

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Hello all. My name is Lawrence Grandpre and I am a coach for Baltimore City College High School and Towson University.


The Baltimore Urban Debate League, in conjunction with various other organizations, is co-sponsoring a contest for Baltimore City youth. The goal is to raise prize money to reward students who produce the best hip hop and spoken word poetry pieces addressing the issues of under education and over incarceration in urban areas, often called the "School to Prison Pipeline". To help fund this, we have launched a kickstarter page, and was subsequently chosen by the Atlantic Magazine as one of the top Kickstarter projects to give to for the holidays.





All donation go DIRECTLY to Baltimore City youth via prize money, so any support is greatly appreciated. We have about two weeks to reach our goal of $2000, and if we don't hit $2000, we get no money at all (Kickstarter rule).


I hope this persuades you to donate, but if not, just remember, if I may enter 2ar mode, that Hip Hop is inevitable, the only question is whether it's politically conscious. DON'T CEED THE HIP -HOP POLITICAL TO THE LIKES OF FOLKS WITH NAMES LIKE "GUCHI MAN" AND "WAKKA FLAKKA". smiley.gif


I hope you consider donating.






Baltimore Mixtape Project Kickstarter Page (go here to donate)


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