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any preliminary estimates on who's going aside from St George's? (<3 you ajay)

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Ingraham is probably bringing 3 teams



Here's the current sign up list

Michael Demers - Ben Iuliano Bishop Guertin HS

Andrew Tinker - ?? no partner ?? Capital High School

Andrew Hoth - Daniel Vega-Myhre Capital High School

Avenel Rolfsen - ?? no partner ?? Capital High School

Austin Brittenham - Paige Spraker Centennial High School

Levi Orr - Christian Ogata Centennial High School

Zach Harbauer - Kenneth Zheng Centennial High School

Elizabeth Knapp - Sierra Miller Centennial High School

Manav Sevak - James Willis Chandler High School

Dustin Meyers-Levy - Jon Yang Edina High School

Brittany Barman - Tyler Andrews frontier high school

Wil Jaeger - Joe Engel Gonzaga Prep

Harry Garrett - Alex Stransky Green Valley HS

Jeffrey Huang - Jun sun Yoo Leland High School

Gary Lin - Shreyas Kamat Leland High School

Rohan Varma - Sunny Advani Leland High School

Justin Fang - Connor McCabe Loyola High School

Kenneth An - Marco Dell'oro Loyola High School

Jacob Tucker - Hope Delap Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School

Ethan Arsht - Corinne Sugino Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School

Mac Cronin - Kristen Lowe Sage Ridge School

Lani Frazer - David Kilpatrick St. Vincent De Paul High School

Matt Aguirre - Josh Martin St. Vincent De Paul High School

Ruochen Huang - Rakin Nasar Torrey Pines HS

Andrew Hayes - Jacob Berquist West High School

Ryan Hayes - Sarah Lowe West High School

Henry Olsen - TJ Mugweh West High School

Sean Conley - Kristof Weakley West High School

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Glacier highschool is going.

i dont think it really matters, but i know the list of people for our school


Levi Proctor - Ashton Geelen Glacier Highschool

Jaclyn Rensel - Andy Walling Glacier Highschool

Ashlee Buller - Devon Zander Glacier Highschool

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