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Results from Bronx

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I only have partial results - I will post the rest later on.


Speaker Awards

1. Isaac Marshall - Edgemont

3. Sukhi Gulati - Thomas Johnson

4. David Neudstadt - Baltimore City College

5. Srinidhi Muppalla - Centennial

6. Srikar Kalvakolanu - Centennial

8. Parisa Sadeghi - National Cathedral

11. Madeleine Houck - River Hill

19. Jake Smith - River Hill


Double Octofinals

Centennial KM d. Blake SW

Alpharetta LP d. Centennial HK

Centennial SW d. River Hill SS

St. Vincent de Paul d. Beacon BB



Centennial KM d. Mt. Hebron DW

Baltimore City College MN d. River Hill CG

Centennial JK over Centennial SW

Thomas Johnson HG d. Lexington AR

Edgemont MX d. National Cathedral ES



Alpharetta LP d. Baltimore City College MN 3-0 (Scott Brown, Michael Suo, Ben Faber)

Centennial LM d. Edgemont MX

Greenhill SP d. Thomas Johnson HG

St. Vincent de Paul d. Centennial JK 2-1 (Fernando Kirkman, Matt Malia, Adam Jackson*)


Semifinals (receiving ToC bids)

Centennial KM d. St. Vincent de Paul 3-0 (Todd Fine, Kathryn Kernoff, Nick Fiori)

Greenhill SP over Alpharetta LP (Alpharetta had to catch a flight)



Centennial KM and Greenhill SP - debate will be held at the Glenbrooks - Greenhill had to catch a flight.

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