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Online Space Debate Videos

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Coaching for a novice debate class are there any online video debates on the space topic? I'd like to show them a more elementary debate (slower speed etc). Any ideas? Thanks!

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For non-space related debates on video I would point you to Debate Central (at Vermont) not the think tank. They have old parlimentary rounds that are slow.

Also, perhaps there are LD debates that are slow available online.


To my knowledge the best, slowest demonstration debates on the topic are at Emory University.

Demo Debate 2


This one from Berkeley has a slow 1ac (presumably the rest is slow as well).

The chair in the way for the 1ac makes it slightly difficult to watch (ie you can't see his expression).


Finally, if your kids need help with critiques, the Emory Debate demo on Critiques is a pretty good start (and slow). It really breaks down the realism vs. securitziation debate.

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