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Thank you cross-xites for the election. I've been the caretaker mod for Help Me for more than a year now, but it was always supposed to be a temporary appointment. Now that elections have happened, I'm happy to have been elected co-mod for my own term.


Mdawgig also gives his regards and thanks everyone for electing him.


Over the next few weeks, we plan to put together an FAQ for this forum (like the one Novice Center used to have). If you have suggestions for topics or threads that should should be included in that thread, please PM me or mdawgig.


In the meantime, here are the forum rules that we'll be enforcing here. They are in-line with my past (unannounced) practices here and similar to the rules for the other forums I mod.


1. Be respectful. Disagreements are to be expected in these forums and are part of a healthy discourse, but we reserve the right to edit or delete posts that are disrespectful of others. This includes ad hominem attacks, racism, sexism, homophobia, and other insults.


2. Help Me is specifically designed for debaters (novice and experienced) to seek assistance. Therefore we will have a very low tolerance for insults, particularly ones that impugn the intelligence or skills of other posters. While you may think that a topic is elementary or a question is stupid, remember that there was a point when you didn't know that information either, and the poster wouldn't be asking for help if they already knew it.


3. Please use the site's search function before posting a new thread. There are years and years of old threads in Help Me and Novice Center that answer a question and then slide down the page as new questions come in, but those old threads often still have good answers and quality discussions on the topic. Your question (or one very similar) has likely already been answered or discussed in the past so you can likely save time, avoid frustration, and get a higher-quality answer by searching first and only posting a new thread if you really don't find the answer.


4. That said, avoid bumping old threads. Don't be afraid to bump if you have something new to add to a prior discussion, however, if you expect a new/different conversation to develop, then you should create a new thread. Bumping without substance will likely be deleted.


4. Spam, NSFW (Not Safe For Work/School) content, and threads which clearly do not belong in this forum will be moved, edited, or deleted at our discretion without warning. We may also make edits to otherwise proper posts in order to fix serious errors in clarity, grammar, spelling, and formatting.


5. Be helpful and entertaining. More of a guideline than a rule. But it's always more enjoyable reading well-written posts that answer the questions that are asked. This site's usefulness as a debate tool is in large part because of areas like Help Me that invite debaters to come get assistance. The better and more accessible that assistance is, the better the site's overall quality and the stronger its community.


6. Our "door" is always open. If you have questions or comments about our moderating, feel free to PM either or both of us. If you think that the issue is relevant to more users than just you, or you are dissatisfied with our response to a PM, you may create a thread about it. We will not delete or alter critical threads unless they violate one of the above rules.


8. Have fun, but keep an appropriate level of seriousness. Help Me (or Novice Center) is often the first place that a new site member will visit and post. When we can provide those members with positive and helpful experiences, they are more likely to enjoy the site and stick around. Also keep in mind that Help Me is, less frequently, a resource for coaches and parents. So please keep posts here serious, civil, and clean.




-Dr. Fox On Socks



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