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i dunno. the only thing i could think of would be a file list where it would be like


"Brian Gonzaba"


framework file

cap k


has to trade:

structural violence aff

bataille k

baudrillard k


but i feel like that would lead to a giant thread that is consistently not updated and disorganized. plus, it would disclose all file lists to possible competitors, thus discouraging squads from posting files on their file lists until already broken (i guess not much different than how disclosure is now on wikis, though).


the only other thing i could think of would be like a review thread. i'm sure we've all done trades and have either gone "holy shit this file is much better than my file" or "wtf? my novices cut better shit than this." it would allow possible traders to know the reputation/quality of the files they are getting according to other members.

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