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The K forum will no longer look like the apocalypse. Tommy's sticky frenzy is now contained in this single thread. You'll find links below to Tommy's "official threads." If you have a categorical question post in one of these and someone (one of the mods if not another user) will answer as quickly as possible.


-- Foucault --

-- Deleuze/Guattari --

-- Nietzsche --

-- Heidegger --

-- Lacan --

-- Zizek --

-- Capitalism --

-- ID Politics/Performance --

-- Critical Affirmatives --

-- Realism and IR --


Here is also a philosophy resources megathread that can be used for anyone looking for critical literature.


And here's Tommy's "Go Here First" idea that never took off. It's got some useful links in it.


Finally, here's the official Author Explanation thread.


Welcome to the K forum. Play nice.

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