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So, you elected me to another term.

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You wonderful Cross-xians have elected me to a ???? term as the Current Events mod so I will carry on as before.


Here are the rules, as they have been since the dawn of antiquity.



My goals/rules.


I will try to keep this forum as respectful as possible. I welcome all intelligent discussion.


Please have your facts right, I won't mess with you for being ignorant, but try to have your shit straight.


Swear if you want, but I will not tolerate hate speech, as amusng as you may think you are.


I don't like trolling, so please keep it off of my forum.


If you want to talk to me, feel offended by anyone, have a complaint, or a request... PM me or start a thread, and I will do what I can.


Don't post crap where there should be intelligent discussion.


Play nice kids.


I'm not going to nitpick about it but I would appreciate people using good spelling and grammar.


I will try to keep this forum interesting and up to date, I would appreciate if you would all help me.


When you start a thread with a news article, please do us the favor of copying and pasting the text of the article to your post, rather than just leaving a link to a website that could be members-only, blocked by school filters, expire, etc.





I had a thread for comments before and I will continue that tradition here.

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