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Free Alternatives to Lexis Nexis including EBSCOHost

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Yes, there is a should be free to you way to access EBSCO Host.



I suggest bookmarking this, because just going to EBSCOHost or search EBSCOHost doesn't work.


Here is another list of about 5 resources which are also free alternatives to Lexis including:

Find Articles

Access My Library

The Social Science Research Network


in addition to

Advanced Google Search (limiting for .gov, .edu, or .org.....or domain specific)

Google Scholar


Access my Library runs on a similar system to the EBSCO option, but I don't think it has quite the number of journals that EBSCO does.


If you have other alternatives...feel free to add them in the thread....


PS. If you can't tell.....I haven't linked up anything but the EBSCO alternative and the list of alternatives....

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Also, even if you are out of school or your school doesn't offer them, an increasing number of public library systems subscribe to these or similar databases and many university libraries will provide some kind of access for residents from the nearby community for free or low-cost.


And (as Nathan noted above) many articles are available from multiple sources and a reference librarian can help you find it in an alternative database. For example, Ohio residents can live chat with reference librarians 24/7 though a service funded by the state libraries. Your state may have a similar service.

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Great recommendations.

1. Leveraging local resources & logins

2. Getting reference librarian help (either face to face, via live chat,or email)


Congrats on graduating.

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I didn't know that the search results were so rudimentary. That text looks awful.


Even Access My Library looks better.


The way I found this was on a search for a particular article. That appeared to have:

1. a better interface

2. a cleaner way to get to the resource (I think you only had to use your zip code).

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