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in a word: Borders.


Most of the impacts are based in otherization (creation of an inside/outside dichotomy that demonizes the outside group), so some authors say borders justify violence, brews racism, etc.


I believe there's a borders k on open evidence

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To books:

1) Tuathail, Critical Geopolitics

2) Michael Shapiro, (forget the book name)


some state bad style arguments

1) biopolitics--but using this as a separate module is probably easier to explain.

2) the view from above--this will be quite good next year as an independent K of sorts (although you will need to answer the universalism/globalist strain of the view from above next year).

3) otherization--racism, dehumanization, and the root cause of war

4) geopolitical planning. You might be able to frame this as different enough from scenario planning to make a difference. this is, however, exactly the practice of geopolitics in the context of international relations.

5) the principle of sovereinty is bad. (this gives with semi-generic state bad arguments--but reading state bad straight up is likely to yield impact turns).

6) securitization & realism



1) Rethinking/rejection/problematizing

2) State bad/sovereinty bad alts

3) Geneology (aka a specific type of Foucaultian problematizing) by taking a historical examination of how power has been exercised.


I don't understand what the alternative is:

1) no alternative to inside/outside, except cosmopolitanism & thats not any better. The DA is globalization (although certainly not all bad, isn't all that good).

2) borders also check interventionism. without borders a mass of people can still take over areas of land.

3) map doesn't fit the territory isn't a reason to reject. [not relevant to most expressions of the critique--but something to keep in mind for many critiques]


I would read a history card in my shell to preempt the realism good arguments.

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