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LD TOC 2011 - Jalon Alexander discussion

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It is evident from his performance that Jalon was competitive enough as a debater to do well at the TOC. However, I am fairly sure that was not the point. The point was that his admission to the tournament was fundamentally unfair to students who had met the one bid standard for an at large application. Or to those debaters who did not have one bid but may have had circumstances similar, but not identical, to Jalons. Someone else has pointed out that the whole process did not come to light until after the at large applications closed meaning that others were not given the same opputunity extended to this student. Now. The TOC can do what it likes, it is a private organization. But, in discussing this situation with membership directors for much larger professional societies. All have pointed out that while private organizations may do as they wish, if their members find what was done to be something they can't agree with, then members have one of two obligations, either bear the decision and continue membership, understanding that the organization will bypass it's own rules at times, or leave the organization. We can yell all day about the fairness or unfairness of the TOC and its decision, it isn't going to change the TOC. So. Either accept what happened or move on to another organization which suits your needs. Heck. Start your own end of the year tourney with it's own rules, traditions, etc. Some have taken that route. The TOC is YOU. Recognize the power that confers and make your choices accordingly.

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