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Rocky Mtn South Nat Quals - PLEASE COME AND JUDGE

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RMS Nat Quals will be on April 15 and 16 at Golden High School. PLEASE come to judge if you've graduated and will be in the Denver area.


Backchannel me with questions: g (dot) sobetski (at) gmail (dot) com

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Going into Saturday, all four GW teams were undefeated, and the other four remaining teams each had one loss.


Round III:

George Washington Clark/Owens (2-0) d. George Washington Pierce/Shen (2-0)

George Washington Symonds/Czufin (2-0) d. George Washington Tran/Sandoval (2-0)

Denver East Forbes/Holle (1-1) d. DSA Gurevitz/Finley (1-1)

DSA Clawson/Brough (1-1) d. Denver East Yates/Greenberg (1-1)


DSA FG, East YG eliminated.


Round IV:

GW CO (3-0) d. GW SC (3-0)

GW PS (2-1) d. DSA CB (2-1)

GW TS (2-1) d. East FH (2-1)


DSA CB, East FH eliminated.


Round V:

GW CO (4-0) d. GW TS (3-1)

GW PS (3-1) d. GW SC (3-1)


GW TS, GW SC eliminated.


Qualifying to Nationals:

1. GW Clark/Owens (undefeated)

2. GW Pierce/Shen



1. GW Symonds/Czufin

2. GW Tran/Sandoval


National qualifying tournaments are always bitter and sometimes sweet. In this instance, my team did as well as it possibly could have, and it still wasn't a fun Saturday. I've spent two full seasons working with Matt Symonds, Sarah Tran, and Tanner Sandoval, and I really really really didn't want to see them go home yesterday. And when they lost their last rounds, I couldn't find the words to express how much I respect and admire them, and how sorry I will be to see them go.


Congratulations to all the teams that competed, and best of luck to any graduating senior who may read this post.

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