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National Debate Tournament (NDT) Qualifiers 2011

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First round bids:


California-Berkeley PoBo

Emory WeIn

Georgetown MaDa

Georgia LaLa

Gonzaga MoKa

Harvard JaPa

Kansas PeKe

Kansas QuKe

Loyola MoEw

Michigan ZaLi

Northwestern BeKi

Northwestern SpFi

Oklahoma GiWa

Texas-Dallas BaRo

Towson KiCr

Vanderbilt NoBr


Qualifiers from the district tournament process:




1. California Gannon/Weiner

2. UNLV Michael Eisenstadt/Lucas-Bolin

3. San Francisco State Gordon/O'Brien

4. CSU Fullerton Carter/Thach

5. UNLV Bato/Meneses

6. Southern California Do/Padrta


D2 is

1. Idaho State Ivanovic/Johnson

2. Wyoming Ballard/Bausch

3. Whitman Humble/Zendeh



Teams Qualifying:


1. Texas CM 8-0

2. Emporia WW 6-2

3. Trinity BH 6-2

4. Baylor CM 6-2

5. Baylor FK 6-2

6. UT Dallas DT 6-2

7. MoState FR 5-3

8. Trinity GM 5-3

9. Wichita BC 5-3


D4 Qualifiers

1. Iowa Kann/Stone: 10-2

2. Northern Iowa Hiland/Simonsen: 9-3

3. Minnesota Chin/Hasan: 8-4, broken on high/low speaker points

4. Minnesota Frank/Nickel: 8-4


D5 Qualifiers

1st Place -- Michigan State -- Gliniecki-Klante. 8-0, 21 ballots

2nd Place -- Michigan -- Deming-Sekaran. 7-1, 19 ballots

3rd Place -- Wayne State -- Gocha-Leap. 5-3, 17 ballots

4th Place -- Wayne KS -- Kamboj-Singh. 5-3, 15 ballots



D6 qualifiers for the NDT

1 Samford BG Dan Bagwell & Logan Gramzinski

2 Emory GN Kirk Gibson & Ana Nikolic

3. Wake CM Mike Carlotti & Andrew McCarty

4 Georga St GS Josh Grace & Zak Schaller

5 Wake BM Ken Bailey & Ian Miller

6 Kentucky GS Sohin Guatam & Christian Steckler




1) University of Mary Washington MM (Patrick McCleary & Colin McElhinny)

2) Liberty GW (Lincoln Garrett & Austin Woodruff)

3) Liberty FH (Eddie Fitzgerald & Ben Hagwood)

4) GMU LN (Kyle Lastovica & Taylor Nichols)

5) JMU BW (Oliver Brass & Mark Waugh)

6) Georgetown AS (Andrew Arsht & Anton Strezhnev)

7) Clarion CS (Jeff Ciak & Aaron Swanlek)

8 Richmond FP (Ashley Fortner & Christine Parker)

* Liberty PT (Jacquelyn Poapst & Beau Troxclair) finished 6th overall, but are a 3rd team. (For high schoolers reading this you can only qualify 2 teams through the first round and district process)

** Liberty BW (Ryan Bass & Chas Warren) finished 7th overall, but were the fourth team.



1. Dartmouth College: Jenn Armstrong & Nick Dolan

2. Harvard University: Gabrielle Tandet & William Karlson

3. Dartmouth College: Trevor Chenowith & Craig Smyser

4. Columbia University Shree Awsare & Jonathan Dentler

5. Binghamton University: Peter Fountain & Bill Sebelle

6. Cornell University: Dan Lee & Jason Wright


Harvard Seth Bour & Abhishek Bose-Kolanu finished third but were not eligible to qualify as a third team.

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2nd Round Bid Recipents


California GP*

Cornell HK

Emory KS*

Harvard BB*

Kansas CW*

Kansas State MZ

Michigan State HR

Missouri State FG

Northwestern GL*

Oklahmoa MT

Texas LM

Towson EM


UT-San Antonio KS

UT-San Antonio LM

Wake Forest HM*

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Debate Central and the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance have joined forces to create a Fundraising NDT!


Donate money in the name of the NDT entry of your choice. The School who has the most donations in support of spreading debate in Dallas will receive recognition by both Debate Central and the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance.




Check the website often to see your school’s standings, donate more, and for NDT record updates throughout the NDT.


Monday evening, we will also have a fundraising event including discounted drinks and snacks. Join us at the NDT hotel.



Nicole Serrano

Executive Director Dallas Urban Debate Alliance


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