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Thus Ben and I affirm the resolution by ironically negating it


Thats jokes & paradox--not irony so much. Also there are no cues to distinguish the ironic from the non-ironic, which seems to be important for irony to work.


Any cross-ex that doesn't clarify whats ironic & whats not--is likely to get hosed by 2ac re-interpretations & spins of what it does.


Reading aff & neg evidence together is a quick way to get PICd. (ie Drones bad)


They have a DA to standard attacks on militarism, which seems pretty easy to answer (Fernhout).


Best answer--the military is literally good. (Combined with Schmitt)


Or a conservative critique like: Schmitt or perhaps Norm or Nietzche. Also, perhaps stupid undergrounds.


Curious why they don't read the first part of this:


Drawing strategically from past performative activist groups such as The Situationists, The Yippies, and ACT UP, the contemporary groups emphasize Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activism and “viral” protest models that are creative and accessible. The ironic hook can be easily picked up and replicated, used to stoke allegiances and, ideally, to shift the direction of wider public debate.
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