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Villiger results

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There were 50 teams in prelims. Top 3 seeds were undefeated.



(1) Pennsbury SW d. (16) Stuyvesant KT (Kaplitt/Titova)

(2) NFA CS d. (15) Technology AL (Acosta/Lou Allen)

(14) Broad Run MB d. (3) Stuyvesant LL (Lavina/Louvis)

(4) Beacon GG d. (13) Eastside CH (Chiri/Haughton)

(5) University TH d. (12) Woodrow Wilson BH (Banks/Haberman)

(6) Beacon BB d. (11) Woodrow Wilson KP (Klose/Peck)

(7) Loyola Blakefield AC d. (10) Stuyvesant LM (Leung/Morgan)

(8) NFA XX d. (9) Newark Science BB (Bazile/Bortoleto)



Pennsbury SW d. NFA XX (Choudhury/Shukla)

NFA CS d. Loyola Blakefield AC (Acle/Cameron; the LDers)

Broad Run MB d. Beacon BB (Buse/Buse)

Beacon GG d. University TH (Hammond/Tariq)


Semis (started around 12:30)

Beacon GG (Garnick/Gold) vs. Pennsbury SW (Solanki/Wang)

Broad Run MB (Bobbitt/Mishra) vs. NFA CS (Challes/Shariff)

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with Goldstern, Phillips, and Durkin making the wrong choice.


Congrats, boys!

That made made my day Jeff. Congrats to you guys on a great debate as well.

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