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Where can i find videos of LD debate?

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Three to four places to check out:

1) Victory briefs has videos from the Tournament Of Champions from a year ago (genocide/ICC topic I think). If you click on the link "Vimeo" you can see all the videos. Note: these are quite fast compared to what may be common on your regional circuit.

Here is the link to these tournament of champions videos (8 are there now)


2) I would check out parlimentary debate videos. I believe you can find them on the debate video blog. Also debate central at Vermont (not the NCPA's debatecentral.org) has some parlimentary videos and perhaps some LD videos as well. Tuna I believe also has a vimeo video channel, which may have some parli videos as well. You probably want to focus on national tournament videos, if possible.

• Debate Video Blog

• Here are some of the parli videos from debate central (although I don't see any of the national tournament videos he used to host here). I can't speak to the quality of videos here, but they are worth checking out--it might even help you out with argument innovation via cross-pollination (ie interesting and persuasive parlimentary arguments in LD).


3) Go ahead and search lincoln douglas debate or college parlimentary debate on a Google video search AND/OR on vimeo. (not Google video proper which was basically a video site which pre-dated Google's aquisition of Google, but the search capability for google which is video only. Its one of the tabs I believe in the upper left hand corner).

• Here is an initial search from Google videos for LD debate videos.


4) you might do a casual look at iTunes podcasts to see if any are posted there (either in video or audio form). Also, I believe google may have an MP3 search, so you can search for tracks that way as well.


Very Important FYI: if you haven't streamed vimeo videos before, note that they often stream choppy (and you might wait till 1/3, 1/2 or all has loaded before streaming). I'm sure others can provide more insight on this issue. Additionally, you may want to click-though to the actual site--to me it seems this streams a bit faster because you're only accessing vimeo, not vimeo plus some blog service (like blogspot or wordpress)

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