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KCKCC Results

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I'm not entirely positive about these, but I know a few people were wondering about the tournament:


Double Octas:

(1) Pembroke HV Bye

(2) Little Rock AP Bye

(3) Millard South GS Bye

(4) WaRu CZ Bye

(5) CR Wash BK Bye

(6) Omaha Westside ER Bye

(26) CR Wash DS def. (7) Newton PR

(25) SME BM def. (8) Barstow CM

(24) Millard West BZ def. (9) Barstow AL

(23) SME M-HK def. (10) Jenks MM

(11) STA BG def. (22) BVN SJ

(12) SME TK def. (21) Little Rock WW

(13) STA FC def. (20) SMS BM

(19) BVN FP def. (14) Millard South HM

(18) SME CH def. (15) BVW BS

(16) Millard South CC def. (17) Buhler BS



(1) Pembroke def. (16) Millard South CC

(2) Little Rock AP def. (18) SME CH

(3) Millard South GS def. (19) BVN FP

(4) WaRu CZ def. (13) STA FH

(12) SME TK def. (5) CR Wash BK

(6) Omaha Westside EF def. (11) STA BG

(23) SME M-HK def. (26) CR Wash DS

(24) Millard West BZ def. (25) SME BM



(1) Pembroke HV def. (24) Millard West BZ

(23) SME M-HK def. (2) Little Rock AP

(6) Omaha Westside def. (3) Millard South GS

(12) SME TK def. (4) WaRu CZ



(1) Pembroke HV vs. (12) SME TK

(6) Omaha Westside EF vs. (23) SME M-HK

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Sems results:

(1) Pembroke HV def. (12) SME TK

(23) SME M-HK def. (6) Omaha Westside EF


Good luck in finals! Congrats to all who broke!

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A big shout-out to Darren Elliott and the KCKCC squad for hosting a great tournament.

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Anyone have Speakers?


or even better, the results packet? It has speakers on it. Could Chief do us one more favor and post it online?

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Here's the packet, for anyone interested: http://ifile.it/dk03wij


And the speaker list:


20. Little Rock Central – Pouya Parssans

19. Millard South – Matt Cassas

18. Jenks – Grant Marcoux

17. St. Thomas Aquinas – Casey Hancock

16. Blue Valley West – Ideen Saiedian

15. Little Rock Central – Ian Wren

14. Omaha Westside – Maddie Ebert

13. Washburn Rural – Payton Cummings

12. Washburn Rural – Scott Ziegler

11. Washburn Rural – Addison Schile

10. Barstow – Rana Aliana

9. Barstow – Sonia Larbi

8. Blue Valley West – Danny Richey

7. Little Rock Central – Michael Anda

6. Blue Valley North – Ciera Foreman

5. Millard South – Tyler Snelling

4. St. Thomas Aquinas – Amanda Gress

3. CR Washington – Britt Bergquist

2. Millard South – Brian Gonzaba

1. Pembroke Hill – Thomas Hodgman

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I'm not really sure, but I think Michael and Eden are tied as the first individual sophomores to receive a TOC bid from Kansas, and the first two sophomore team to do so as well. Does anyone know?

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