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If you should be on this list and are not, have your coach contact me at delliott@kckcc.edu ASAP! We look forward to a great weekend of competition next weekend.


Darren Elliott "chief"

Director of Debate and Forensics

Kansas City Kansas Community College




Aidan Coyle/Conor McMann

Waqar Zuberi/Matthew Golden

Rana Aliani/Sonia Larbi

Joseph Lenart III/Katie Anderson

Iqraz Nanji/Austin Bachar

Trevor Wright/Tommy Dunn

Judges: Linda Collier, CJ Clevenger, Hire



Blue Valley

Raven Brower/Bo Ament

Judge: Sean Elliott



Blue Valley North




Judges: Dylan Quigley, Mat Petersen



Blue Valley West

Danny Richey/Mackenzie Oatman

Ideen Saiedian/Chris Birzer

Spencer Yeamans/Jared Nelson

Judges: Mark Kapfer, Stephanie Heady, Trey Kapfer, Richard Oatman




Evan Habluetzel/Jeana Adams

Collen Steffen/Kanan Boor

Judges: Tom Garvey, Jackson Swearer



CR Washington:

Avery Dement/Isabel Severson

Lisel Kohn/Britt Bergquist

Oliver Hidalgo-Wohlleben/Mason Buonadonna

Judges: Ben Hamburger; Chase Lehrman



Garden City

Alex Diaz/Linda Bilberry

Charla Norquest/Ashley Booker

Jacyn Dawes/Alex Villagren

Judges: Alonso Pena, Amanda Ramirez, Russ Tidwell




Brian Harrison/Neal Sonneman

Judge: Joel Borofsky




Parth Singh/Aqsa Zahid

Grant Marcoux/Daniel Masterson

Nikhim Mutalik/Rohan Mutalik

Judges: Jason Zimmerman, Gregg Hartney, Heather Swadley




Kapaun Mt Carmel

Nick O’Donnell/Lucia Scott

Judge: Kelly Connelly



Little Rock Central

Michael Anda/Pouya Parssans

Daniel Schexnayder/Drew Riccicardone

Ian Wren/Patrick Kellycooper

Judges: Chris Flowers, Logan Parker




Kaylin Sangimino/Sami Long

Judge: Jerrica Washburn




Linda Pei/Peg Wefald

Judge: Shayna Poole




Drew Harger/Katie Benson

Andrew Shaughnessy/Jonathan Rogers

Judge: Cory Buchta



Millard South

Brian Gonzaba/Tyler Snelling

Mary Marcum/Bri Hargan

Matt Casas/Jake Christiansen

Ben Karschner/Max Anderson

Judges: Dana Christensen, David Robinson



Millard West

Kirsten Blagg/Yan Zhang

Judge: Tim Royers




Tyler Prochazka/Emily Runge

Tyler Brotton/Ginny Loeffler

Judge: Hired



Olathe Northwest

Blake Silvernail/William Kist

Judge: Eric Skoglund, Dan Rundus



Omaha Westside

Sam Fuller/Maddie Ebert

Tarek Ali/Jake Wichert

Judge: Zach Lipman




Thomas Hodgman/Mihir Vedantam

Cianan Lesley/Andy Yu

Raymond Fang/Sid Goel

Ryan Hesse/Harneet Kaur

Judges: Doug Miller, Brad Bolman




Ian Mikkelsen/Aaron Neely

Judge: Josh Ramsey



Shawnee Mission East

Peter Bautz/Jesse Sharp

Anna Bernard/Susie McClannahan

Chris Carey/Michael Hill

Mark Towster/Wil Kenney

Eden McKissick-Hawley/Michael Kennedy

Judges: Patrick Kennedy, Sean Kennedy, Andrew Jack, Kate O'Neill



Shawnee Mission South

Keith Monaghan/Kenneth Bergman

Ahmed Alasmar/Mason Owen

Judge: Erum Shah



Shawnee Mission West

Lauren Scanlan/Spencer Jones

Christine Hruska/Erica Hui

Sierra Lekie/Ami Purohit

Yuqi Hou/Reed Norman

Maddi Duncan/Grace Rogers

Judges: Cory Newman, Phil Volen, Peggy Patch, Mark Miller, Melanie Campbell



St. Thomas Aquinas

Maggie Bernard/Amanda Gress

Anthony Frook/Casey Hancock

Judge: Kevin Wright



Sumner Academy

Candace Villanueva/Mia Richardson

David Cuellar & Vincente Perez

Judge: Edward Gunter



Washburn Rural

Payton Cummings/Scott Ziegler

Addison Schile/Brenden Kearney

Meredith Higgins/E-Fei Wang

David Menager/Chris Shultz

Judges: Mark Wilkins, Tim Ellis, Matt Coleman

Edited by KCKCCdebate

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Is there a site that Kansas/Missouri teams use for case list information? I have checked the NDCA list and have not been able to find a lot of the schools listed for this tournament.








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We are also happy to be having our Iowa friends joining us. A couple years in the past we have conflicted with the Caucus tournament. Glad we could avoid it this year.


Deskboy I look forward to your attendance. There will be pie in the lounge and I believe we are allowing 8 minutes of prep. Please bring the extra large time cards--some of our rooms are big and if you sit in the back you will need them! Also, if your coach has any new Duo Interp cuttings we could copy, please bring those.



Director of Debate and Forensics


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