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How to cut a disad?

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1. Get an idea

2. Find uniqueness

3. Get links going the same way

4. Copy/paste and/or find impacts

5. Get extensions of 2-4/blocks


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Be a little more specific....if you can

It helps to have something to wrap this around & contextualize it....what disad are you about to cut?

Are you starting from nothing or do you have backfiles to draw from?

Do you have cites from a caselist or perhaps cites from other teams?

Figure out what core arguments you need to make:

1) Link & Internal Link

2) Impact (hopefully with some notion of "disad turns the case" even if analytical)

3) as well as answers to "questions to consider"


Questions to consider

1) what will the aff likely say?

2) How you can answer the 2ac arguments

3) Which counterplans will work with this? Which Ks will work with this? (I think these two questions are perhaps the 3 to 5 most important questions) Can we write a counterplan which avoids this DA and solves a big portion of the aff advantage?

4) How can we blow this up to outweigh?



1) Available debate resources (friends, backfiles)

2) Paid databases (Lexis, Ebsco, Encarta, JSTOR, etc)

3) www.findarticles.com & www.accessmylibrary.com (although I would directly login with your local public library if thats possible to do remotely)

4) Advanced Google search: News

5) Advanced Google search: .org

6) Advanced Google search: .gov

7) Advanced Google search: .edu (possibly)

8) Advanced Google search: .pdf

9) Advanced Google search: .doc


Depending on the type of literature you are likely to find your argument in--here are some core searches (above)


#5 to #7 are domain based searches

# 8 to #9 are document type searches


If you already know that particular domains like Heritage or CATO or Brookings or Foreign Affairs are going to be key...you might do searches either on their site or via a Google domain search.


Other Awesome Resources:

Finally, here are free alternatives to Lexis Nexis (note: this doesn't include all the) Also, Encarta is a cheap ($100 a year I think) alternative to LN.


I almost forgot.....follow the footnotes too.


Someone should bookmark this thread.....that would be awesome.

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