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USC Tournament Invitation

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Dear Forensics Community,

We are pleased to invite you to the 47th Annual Trojan Championships, now formally now as the David Damus Trojan Championships. In 2007 the tournament was renamed in honor of the retired Director of Forensics at USC. The tournament will be held Friday November 5 through Sunday November 7, 2010 on the University of Southern California campus.


In response to your feedback we are now offering three divisions of policy and Lincoln-Douglas debate (Novice, JV and Varsity divisions of each event). These events traditionally fill the approximately 110 classrooms that we have available for events. The Trojan Championships is a Tournament of Champions qualifier for policy debate in quarter-finals and a qualifier for Lincoln-Douglas in the final round.


To make the process of entering the tournament as easy as possible, please note: All entries will be accepted through the debateresults website http://www.debateresults.com All questions should be directed to the tournament director, Gordon Stables, USC Director of Debate and Forensics at stables@usc.edu or at 213-915-8201.


Warmest regards,

Gordon Stables, Ph.D.

Director of Debate and Forensics

Annenberg School for Communication

University of Southern California




Tournament Policies


Tournament entry takes place through the debateresults website http://www.debateresults.com It is important that we use this site because it allows us to have a much better means of managing judging. Schools may enter an unlimited number of teams in the four events we offer. There are only two factors that may limit entries:


1. First-Come First Serve - We have firm room limits that will force us to monitor entries. All Entries must be listed on Debateresults by 5 pm Friday, October 22 2010. No entries will be taken from fax, mail or phone. We cannot ensure that we will have room for any teams or schools entered after that time.


2. Uncovered Teams (i.e., teams without judges) - Schools will be limited to one hired judge per school. Teams entered that require more than one hired judge from the tournament will be placed on a waiting list.



Drops can be entered on debateresults. After October 22nd, drops must be made by sending an

email to stables@usc.edu no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday October 29th. All late drops made after this day and time will be subject the full entry fee. This is to avoid large drop/adds which make running a tournament this size impossible. Please notify us of any change in your entry as soon as possible.


Rules Governing Debate Events


• In recognition that the our sponsorship of debate is based on a community of professional educators committed to promoting a respectful form of argumentation we recognize that behaviors which belittle, degrade, demean, or otherwise dehumanize others are not in the best interest of the activity because they interfere with the goals of education and personal growth. All tournament participants should recognize the rights of others and communicate with respect for opponents, colleagues, critics, tournament hosts and audience members. Any tournament guest who cannot behave in this manner will be asked to leave the tournament.


• There will be three divisions of each debate event. The novice division is limited to students in their first year of competition. The JV division is limited to students who are in either their first or second year of competition. The varsity division is open to any student whose coach believes can profit from and be competitive in the division.


• The format will be 8-3-5 with 10 minutes preparation time in both divisions.


• LD and Policy debaters from the same school will not meet each other in preliminary rounds and brackets will not be broken in elimination rounds.


• We will use the NFL LD TOPIC for November / December.


• All packets and ballots will be made available online for all participants.


Judging Requirements


• Schools must provide one qualified judge for every two policy teams or fraction thereof, every three LD entries or fraction thereof.


• Schools are responsible for providing judges for one round beyond the elimination of their students in each event.


• We have a very limited number of hired judges. No school may hire more than 1 judge from the tournament. These judges are only available on a "first come first serve" basis. Once all hired judges are committed, we cannot add entries. If you request a hired judge, you must receive an e-mail confirmation that you have obtained that judge from the tournament. In the event that a schools judge does not show up on time or for rounds or a school cannot provide adequate judging, the tournament reserves the right to drop a schools teams from the tournament.


• Schools should provide the name, event type and any school conflicts/biases your judges may have.

• Judges must be designated for either Policy Debate or LD Debate. We have separate tournament pools and it is not possible to list judges in both events. Please express what events and what divisions your judges are best qualified to judge.


• All debate judges are committed to judge the first elimination round, and one round past where their school has advanced in elimination rounds.


Helpful Tips for the First Day of the Tournament


• We ask all schools to check-in and confirm their entries on Friday, November 5th on campus between noon and 1:30 pm. We don’t have any classroom access until 2 pm, so please discourage any students or judges from entering rooms before 2 pm.


• Please print a copy of our campus map to make your travel easier.



• Enter the campus through Gate 3, located at the corner of Figueroa Street and 35th St. on the east edge of campus. This is the entrance on Figueroa and located directly across from our new basketball facility, The Galen Center.


• Entry confirmation will be held in the lobby of VKC (Von Kleinscmid Center, the building with the globe on the roof). It is located at G5 on your map.


• All entry fees are due and payable at this time. Checks should be made out to the Trojan Debate Squad. All entry fees Must Be presented at registration. No entry fees will be accepted via U.S. mail. Institutional checks and cash only. No personal checks please.


• During the tournament, we will provide updates on twitter (Just follow USCDebate) and we will post pairings on the NDCA website.


Hotel Information

Based on your feedback we no longer secure a large room block for tournament guests. If you need recommendations for local hotels, please consider the Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown or contact them hotel at (213) 488-3500 to make reservations. Please let us know if you have other housing questions.




Friday, November 5

All Coaches, Judges, & Teams report to VKC.

Pairings will be released at 2 pm. We do not have any classroom access before 2 pm so please keep all students and coaches outside of classrooms until that time.

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Registration / VKC Lobby Drops only & final entry confirmation

(for all schools with policy teams)

2:00 pm Pairings Released for policy rounds 1 & 2

2:30 pm Policy - Round 1

4:30 pm Policy - Round 2

4:30-5:00 pm LD only registration - Drops only & final entry confirmation at VKC Lobby

5:15 pm LD Pairings released

6:00 pm LD - Round 1

7:30 pm Policy - Round 3 and LD - Round 2


Saturday, November 6

7:30 am Pairings Released

8:00 am Round 4 Policy, Round 3 L.D.

11:00 am Round 5 Policy, Round 4 L.D.

1:00 pm Round 5 LD

1:00 - 2:30 pm Lunch Break (LD Debaters should eat on their flights off)

2:30 pm Round 6 Policy, L.D.

6:00 pm Awards Assembly: Announcement of Speaker Awards &

Elimination Round Participants

7:00 pm Double-Octofinals Policy, L.D.


Sunday, November 7

7:30 am Pairings Released

8:00 am Octofinals: Policy, L.D.

11:00am Quarterfinals: Policy, L.D.

3:30 pm Semifinals: Policy, L.D.

7:00 pm Finals: Policy, L.D.

*This schedule is subject to modification and change based on entry, judge and room constraints. LD elimination rounds will proceed on a single flight schedule as soon as logically possible. This means you should NOT stray too far from campus, because we will push rounds quicker when we can.


Tournament Fees

Policy Debate Team Entry Fee $75.00 per team

LD Entry Fee $60.00 per entry

Hired Policy Judge $90 per uncovered team (max two uncovered teams per school)

Hired LD Judge $75 per uncovered student (max two uncovered students per school)

Edited by Stables

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The 47th Annual 'David Damus' Trojan Championships has reached the maximum entries we can accommodate at this time. We are excited to have 280 debate entries and are using all of the 100+ classrooms that the university has provided.


If you are still interested in attending we would ask you to enter your teams for our wait list at http://www.debateresults.com You enter in the exact same way and all new entries are marked as wait listed. We will work to add teams as more space becomes available. At this time, however, we cannot guarantee that any additional entries will be accommodated.


Please let me know if you have any questions.



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My name is Isaac Peck. I live in San Diego and currently debate for Southwestern College. Fourth year in college debate so far.


I am available to judge/coach at West Coast tournaments for the rest of this year, please message me if you need some hired judging, etc.

Email: isaacfpeck@yahoo.com

(619) 245-7384

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I'm going to be late for round 1- if someone can cover my commitment I'll pay them for the round.



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Double Octafinal Pairing (Seeds are posted, but I don't have them, sorry. These are in alphabetical order. All rounds are flip for sides unless otherwise noted.)


Bellarmine AS vs. West High School Slc LS (Padrta, Siddiqui, Hidalgo)

Bingham GT vs. St. Vincent De Paul FS (Magallon, Hernandez, Walton)

Brophy MS Advances without debating

Notre Dame DS vs. C.K. McClatchy GS (Schultz, Bettilyon, Cooper)

College Prep GL vs. Notre Dame DM (Ehrlich-Quinn, Bentley, Meagher)

College Prep PT vs. College Prep AP

College Prep PY Advances without debating

Damien FG Advances without debating

Head Royce School KR vs. Bellarmine LV (Shackelford, Sharp, Bato)

Head Royce School MS vs. Menlo-atherton RR (Gray, Maycock, Coskey)

Juan Diego Catholic BS Advances without debating

Juan Diego Catholic IR (aff) vs. Notre Dame GM (neg) 3-0 (Hines, Groves, McClay)

La Costa Canyon BL vs. Saint Francis CR (Gannon, Alderete, Lippman)

Notre Dame DT vs. Loyola High School OP (Ewing, Kim, Shackelford)

Saint Francis AP Advances without debating

The Meadows SW vs. Damien MM (Lucas-boli, Lemuel, Aust)

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Bellarmine AS d. West High (3-0 for aff)

Bingham GT d. St. Vincent

CK McClatchy picked up


CPS PT advanced

Bellarmine LV picked up on the aff 3-0

Head Royce MS picked up 3-0

SFHS CR picked up

Notre Dame DT picked up

Meadows SW d. Damien MM 3-0, 2NR was the Pan K

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Brophy MS d. Bellarmine LV

Notre Dame MG picked up

Notre Dame DT dropped

CPS GL picked up also

Damien FG d. Meadows SW on a 3-0


Juan Diego BS picked up

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more results

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Results packet: http://bit.ly/USCOpenPol


Speakers (top speaker receives an iPad)


1. Pablo Gannon (Damien) 173.50

2. Vinay Pai (CPS) 173.00

3. Aniela Butler (Juan Diego) 172.00

4. Gus Schwab (Juan Diego) 171.00

5. Katie Roberts (Juan Diego) 171.50

6. Sanjana Parikh (St Francis) 171.00

7. Spenser Silbey (Meadows) 171.00

8. Richard Idriss (Juan Diego) 171.50

9. Ish Arora (St Francis) 171.00

10. Andy McCoy (Brophy) 171.00

11. Tatsuro Yamamura (CPS) 171.00

12. Nadeem Farooqi (Damien) 170.50

13. John Spurlock (CK McClatchy) 170.00

14. Ricky Rodgers (Head-Royce) 170.00

15. Cristobal Mancillas (CK McClatchy) 170.00


Double Octafinals


1 College Prep PY advances without debating

2 Damien FG advances without debating

3 Juan Diego Catholic BS advances without debating

4 Saint Francis AP advances without debating

5 Brophy MS advances without debating

6 C.K. McClatchy GS d. 27 Notre Dame DS (Ken Dejohn & Wes Shoup)

7 College Prep PT d. 26 College Prep AP (Alec Pillsbury & Alex Aitelli)

8 College Prep GL d. 25 Notre Dame DM (Joey Dalla Betta & Emma Muir)

9 Bingham GT d. 24 St. Vincent De Paul FS (Kara Flageollet & Laynie Stephens)

10 Head Royce School MS d. 23 Menlo-atherton RR (Patrick Reed & Matt Rosenthal)

22 Notre Dame GM d. 11 Juan Diego Catholic IR (Richard Idriss & Katie Roberts)

12 Head Royce School KR d. 21 Bellarmine LV (Aditya Limaye & Madhu Vijay)

20 Saint Francis CR d. 13 La Costa Canyon BL (Jonathan Barsky & Jake Leonard)

14 Bellarmine AS d. 19 West High School Slc LS (Maddie Langr & Corinne Sugino)

15 The Meadows SW d. 18 Damien MM (Richard Mancuso & Nick Mcafee)

16 Notre Dame DT d. 17 Loyola High School OP (Morgen Olson & Tristan Paguio)




1 College Prep PY d. 16 Notre Dame DT (Jacob Defilippis & Morgan Titcher)

2 Damien FG d. 15 The Meadows SW (Spenser Silbey & Michael Wang)

3 Juan Diego Catholic BS d. 19 West High School Slc LS (Maddie Langr & Corinne Sugino)

4 Saint Francis AP advances over 20 Saint Francis CR (Angela Cao & Arifeen Rahman)

5 Brophy MS d. 21 Bellarmine LV (Aditya Limaye & Madhu Vijay)

22 Notre Dame GM d. 6 C.K. McClatchy GS (Jack Gugino & John Spurlock)

7 College Prep PT d. 10 Head Royce School MS (Nolan Meghrouni-brown & Thomas Shi)

8 College Prep GL d. 9 Bingham GT (Matt Gomez & Misty Tippets)




1 College Prep PY advances over 8 College Prep GL (Elsa Givan & Joel Lee)

2 Damien FG d. 7 College Prep PT (Carlos Penikis & Jordan Trafton)

3 Juan Diego Catholic BS d. 22 Notre Dame GM (Nate Grau & Andrew Mcloon)

4 Saint Francis AP d. 5 Brophy MS (Andy Mccoy & Abhi Singh)




4 Saint Francis AP d. 1 College Prep PY (Vinay Pai & Tatsuro Yamamura) 2-1; Ewing*, Lucas, Bentley

2 Damien FG d. 3 Juan Diego Catholic BS (Aniela Butler & Gus Schwab) 3-0; Sharp, Gray, Bettilyon



2 Damien FG (Nadeem Farooqi & Pablo Gannon) d. 4 Saint Francis AP (Ish Arora & Sanjana Parikh) 3-0

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you have Notre Dame GM losing in Double Octas but then reappearing in Octas and Quarters...a bit confusing...who got the bid?

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Hello All,


We hope that you enjoyed this year's David Damus Trojan Championships. Results and ballots are now available on the web at the locations posted below.



LD Results


Open: http://bit.ly/USCLDOpenResults

JV: http://bit.ly/USCLDJVResults

Novice: http://bit.ly/USCLDNovResults



LD Ballots


Open: http://bit.ly/USCOpenLDBallots

JV: http://bit.ly/USCJVLDBallots

Novice: http://bit.ly/USCNovLDBallots



Policy Debate Results

Open: http://bit.ly/USCOpenPol

JV: http://bit.ly/USCJVPol

Novice: http://bit.ly/USCNovPol


Policy Debate Ballots


Open: http://bit.ly/USCOpenPolBallots

JV: http://bit.ly/USCJVPolBallots

Novice: http://bit.ly/USCNovicePolBallots

You may also access the results via Debateresults.com if you are using Internet Explorer.


We enjoyed hosting you all for an exciting weekend of debate and look forward to seeing you in the future!

Jim Maritato

Assistant Director of Public Debate & Forensics

University of Southern California

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