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Mr. White

Upcoming Washington Events

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Hi everyone,


This upcoming weekend at Puyallup High School the WDC will be hosting a novice workshop. I'll be teaching afterschool for about 5 hours introducing the topic and basic debate skills. That's followed up by a day of demonstration/practice debates run by Anjali Vats, the policy debate coach at the University of Puget Sound and WDC founder.


Cost is ten bucks per person, your coaches should have received a schedule for this event, I'll be posting it here in the next couple of days. This is going to be a fun, useful event that will go a long way in community building. Definitely encourage your novices to go.


The WDC is hosting several of these events with progressive skill levels, one a month until December at various locations throughout the westside. Keep your eyes peeled here and at our website (http://www.washingtondebate.com) for more info.


Also, Ingraham High School is hosting an open division pre-season warm up on October 8-9. I'll start another thread with the full invite soon, but here's the lowdown:

--eight debates friday and saturday

--low entry fees (still hashing out final figures but think no more than $10 an entry) and no school fee

--top seeds invited to a round robin next weekend at Kamiak HS in conjunction with the Kamiak novice tournament.

--policy, LD, Public Forum

--a location so easy no school near I-5 has an excuse not to attend.


Hope to see you all soon and I hope your pre-season prep/early tournaments are going well!


P.S. Congrats to Mercer on your first bid! But know we're coming for you.

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