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DCDS Yellowjacket Invitational Sept 24-25

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I emailed this and its on the MIFA website but several have requested it here.


Yellowjacket Debate Invitational, Detroit Country Day School

September 24 and 25, 2010

You and your team are invited to attend the Yellowjacket Debate Invitational at Detroit Country Day School.

Some of the important information is as follows:

Location: Detroit Country Day School is at 22305 W. Thirteen Mile, Beverly Hills, Michigan 48025. This is on the southwest corner of 13 mile Road and Lahser Road. Approximately 2 miles north of I-696 or M-10. For those might know the area, we are 1/2 mile west of Groves HS. All rounds will take place at the High School. Please park in the back of the school by the tennis courts.

Registration: 2:30 - 3:00 Friday Sept 24 in the Student Center at the Upper School. The Student Center is located at the back of the building just west of the tennis courts. General meeting at 3:15 first round at 3:45.

Divisions: We will offer Varsity and JV two-person divisions along with a novice 4 person. If we don’t have enough teams to run a division we will merge divisions. No mavericks please. If you have a two person novice team let us know and if we can pair them with another school who only has a two person we will try. Hybrid teams may be entered but will be not be elligible for out rounds. We will inform you as the date gets closer if there will be a division merge.

Format: 5 prelims and elims (based on entries) with Varsity and JV. The first two rounds will be pre-set all others will be powerpaired. Novice will be 4 rounds (2 Friday, 2 Saturday) and elims (based on entries). To help novices in their first tournament DCD coaching staff will run a Q & A session during the V/JV round one.

Judges: You must supply one judge for every 2 teams or fraction thereof, 1 judge for a novice 4 person. Minimal judges will be available for hire at $130.00 each, half judges will cost $65. I will take requests as long as I can fill them, so ask early. All judges are required to judge one round beyond the elimination of their team from the tournament. Thus all judges must be available for the first elimination round. PLEASE IDENTIFY ALL JUDGE PRECLUSIONS AND CONFLICTS ON YOUR ENTRY.


Food: We will sell dinner items on Friday and Lunch on Saturday. Coaches and judges food will be complimentary.


Fees: $50.00 per 2 person team, $75.00 for a 4 person team. $130.00 for a hired judge, $65.00 for a half judge.

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: DETROIT COUNTRY DAYEntry: Deadline for entry is Wednesday, September 22, 2010--5pm. All fees and judge commitments will be frozen at this time. Please try to enter through EMAIL--rkay@dcds.edu. If you do not get a response within 24 hours please resend. I will respond to all entries as I receive them. You also MUST SEND IN NAMES OF ALL DEBATERS AND JUDGES (including any preclusions) By Thursday Sept. 23, 2009 at 5:00 PM. You will delay the start of the tournament on Friday if you do not send in the appropriate information.

Forfeit: We will use a 15 minute rule for competitors and judges. If you are more than 15 minutes late you risk forfeit for that round. I will apologize right now if I yell at you to get to your rounds--be on time and it won't happen. Teams of offending judges will forfeit and hired judges will not be paid if they are late.

Lodging: See next page

Parking: Our school parking lots are generally full until at least 5:00. Thus, PLEASE CAR POOL OR BRING BUSES IF YOU CAN. There will be limited parking available on Friday. Saturday should be no problem. On both days it will be easier to park in the back of the school. Just follow the road around the west side of the building and it will take you to the back lot.


Contact information: Please direct all correspondence to RUTH KAY

rkay@dcds.edu Email is the best

248-646-7717 School phone (OK but you will have to leave a message and it's difficult for me to return calls during the day.)

248-417-5252 Cell Phone--Usually a very good option (there's voice mail here) but my phone doesn't work in all parts of my school building so you may end up leaving a voice message, and I don’t answer it during class time.

248-646-2458 School Fax—Not an option I would recommend but use it as a last resort and be sure RUTH KAY is on the fax CLEARLY. It has taken a week or more for some faxes to get to me. You decide the level of risk you are willing to take.

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