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South Korea/Japan DA

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Just bitch about NK - Japan is the forward base for SK, and so if they're going to pull out of Japan AND South Korea, they have to prove that NK isn't a threat.

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Five potential disads:

1) North Korea (credibility)

2) China (credibility)

3) Japan Re-arm (the aff even hints at this as a link)

4) Japan spending disad (don't know the impact scenario)

5) South korea economy disad


I think it may be possible to create a Force Projection disadvantage. Pulling out of one may make sense--but pulling out of both seems to create force projection to a a critical area (China, Spratleys/Resources, and the SLOCs)


Counter plan with something that solves No/Ko conflict (without this your disad will likely not be effective). The aff usually solves this in 2 ways:

1) current military stance makes war inevitable

2) 6 party talks


I think history says this will likely not escalate. North Korean saber rattling is just that--saber rattling. And North Korea isn't 100% suicidal.


See also Open Case List to see what the best teams are saying.

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