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Coaching/Judging opportunities in LA

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My name is Lawrence Chang. I am an entering freshman studying Economics at UCLA and am interested in getting involved in debate in the Los Angeles area, whether it be coaching or judging, employment or volunteer work. I had a relatively successful debate career competing for Clear Lake High School, a small program in Houston, Texas. I cleared at Grapevine, UT, Houston Memorial, the Texas Forensics Association state tournament, and the Texas University Interscholastic League state tournament.


I have judged at a few small tournaments in the Houston area, and have a great deal of experience training younger debaters and novices who were on my own team. I have successfully debated every argument type on both sides: topicality, theory, disadvantages, counterplans, kritiks, framework, and case arguments. I am prepared to work with strategies that focus on any single argument, or a set of arguments, or all of them. In terms of research, my strong point is affirmative construction.


For programs which focus on the stylistic presentation of arguments, I am also well-qualified to assist. My partner and I reached the semifinals of the Texas UIL tournament, widely known to have a heavy focus on conversation-speed delivery of arguments.


As of now, I have no private means of transportation, but I am willing to use public transportation to work with programs as long as the trip is not too far.


If anyone has contact information for a program in the Los Angeles area which may be interested in hiring an assistant coach or is financially-strapped and looking for a volunteer assistant, I would appreciate that as well. The only specific program in the LA area I have found which has a debate team is Loyola High School, though I have no knowledge of the team's situation, wants or needs, or contact information. Any information regarding the Loyola HS program would be appreciated as well.






AIM: lawlruschang

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I can personally attest to the intelligence and creativity of Lawrence Chang -both as a debater, and an educator. I advise any school in the Los Angeles area to give him serious consideration because I feel that he would be invaluable no matter what program he was put into.

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