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Debate Theory books

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I'm sort of new to theory debate (my first in policy debate in college) and am looking for good books on debate theory.


So far I've read Contemporary Debate by Patterson and Zarefsky from 1983 and the fourth edition of Advanced Debate: issues in theory, practice, and teaching. I like having the books because its a convenient thing to read outside or on a flight or whatever where I am cannot (atleast as easily) cruise the internet for theory articles.


Any suggestions on books worth reading?

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What kind of theory--counterplan or critique/framework/performance theory? Here are 6 sources for theory:


1) The 3NR. This is actually a perfect question to mail to one of the3nr authors. Realistically, on the list--this is probably the best source and highest concentration of info and insight.


2) Institute lectures. Berkeley (CNDI), Georgetown, and Emory all have lectures online for free.


3) Actual theory files. Also, old 2ac blocks to various arguments.


4) Debating the K (this seems to be aimed more at college debaters than high school debaters...even if un-intentionally so)


5) Old Rostrum Articles


6) DRG from Wake Forrest


7) Contemporary Argumentation and Debate (published by CEDA...available in EBSCO Host research database which is available at most universities) I stole this one from Bill in the below lecture.


8) Oh...and make up logical arguements


9) Talk to others in the community.

I just found this lecture by Bill Batterman who is a nationally recognized coached on an introduction to theory. Batterman suggests specifically reading an article on counterplan theory by Roger Solt from the DRG which is available here. (I think the critique theory article by Mitchell and the reply by Alan Coverstone for the 1995 topic is pretty important as these seem to be read in about 1/3 to 1/4 of K rounds)


Batterman also points out that you will need fairness o/ws education or vice versa (reject the argument not the team, etc...).


Any questions????

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Or condo theory?


You need to be a little more specific

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