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Kansas at CFL

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3 Cathedral Prep (PA) WM def. 30 Silver Lake, KS (Riley Oblander / Jake Maryott) 3-0

4 Neenah (WI) OH def. 29 Kapaun Mt. Carmel, KS (Geoff Atkinson / Michael Washburn) 2-1

7 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) BP def. 26 Buhler, KS (Dylan Fehl / Evan Habluetzel) 3-0

8 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) BG def. 25 Marquette, MO (Bayley Flint / Matt Johnson) 3-0

10 Sioux Falls-Lincoln (SD) LO def. 23 Emporia, KS (Kathryn Scherich / Drew Bonnet) 2-1

13 Shawnee Mission East (KS) HR def. 20 Stuyvesant, NY (Daniel Frankel / Andrew Huang) 2-1

19 Blue Valley (KS) KD def. 14 Stuyvesant, NY (Anna Gordan / Sandesh Kataria) 2-1

18 Thomas Jefferson SciTech (NY) CK def. 15 Blue Valley West, KS (Danny Richey / Mackenzie Oatman) 3-0




19 Blue Valley KD def. 3 Cathedral Prep (Kevin Ward / Colin McElhinny) 2-1

4 Neenah OH def. 13 Shawnee Mission East (Emily Halter / Tara Raghuveer) 2-1

10 Sioux Falls-Lincoln LO def. 7 St. Thomas Aquinas (John Bertels / Natalie Phillips) 2-1

9 Vermillion MG def. 8 St. Thomas Aquinas (Maggie Bernard / Amanda Gress) 2-1




11 La Salle College BT def. 19 Blue Valley (Tyler Kalmus / Johnathan Davis) 3-0


Full policy results are here.

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