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Oklahoma End of the Year Awards

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I for one would love to see a website made where this would be "officially" calculated. If that were the case, I would vote and encourage other coaches to do the same. I would also like to see a ranking system. I think that is something districts and administrations actually pay attention to because it is simple to follow, and that can only increase support for our beloved activity.

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Best judge:probably shae because we had him most

Best coach:gaston

Best overall squad:might be bias on this one

Best overall team:Heritage Hall KP

Best team as the affirmative:Heritage Hall KP

Best team as the negative:Heritage Hall KP

Best critical debater:Olivia

Best straight-up policy debater:Mac

Most persuasive speaker:Olivia

Fastest debater:Mac

Best T debater:Olivia

Best 2AR:Mac

Best 1AR:Olivia

Best 2NR:Mac

Best debater overall:Mac

Nicest team:Heritage Hall KP

Nicest debater:Mac

Most fun debater to judge/watch:Heritage Hall KP

Rookie team of the year:Heritage Hall KP

Most underrated team:Heritage Hall KP

Most underrated debater:Mac

Most persistent team:Heritage Hall KP

Most persistent debater:Sharyar

Most improved debater:Olivia

Most improved team:Heritage Hall KP

Freshman to look out for:Olivia

Best Junior to watch out for:Mac

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i'm not sure if phil could have been less productive......

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