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All-Kansas NFL Qualifiers 2010

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I created this based off previous lists so that we have a comprehensive list of all Kansas NFL Qualifiers like last year. If there are any mistakes, post the fix. Please add if you know information about your districts NFL qualifiers in forensics.


Policy Debate

Goering/Benson, McPherson

Ramirez/Wells, Garden City

Blake/Morey, Hutchinson

Oatman/Richey, Blue Valley West

Kalmus/Garber, Blue Valley

Hernandez/Lewallen, Wichita East

Oschner/Washburn, Maize

Donnell/Stafford, Goddard

Schwager/Meissbach, Lawrence

Empson/Newman, Shawnee Mission West

Czarnecki/Subramanyam, Shawnee Mission South

McIntosh/Williams, Caney Valley

Lockwood/Wells, Caney Valley

Weilert/Lyon, Fort Scott

Bonnet/Scherich, Emporia

Badgley/Landis, Washburn Rural

Hamilton/Jones, Topeka High


Lincoln Douglas Debate

Saiedian, Blue Valley West

Hou, Shawnee Mission West

Kist, Olathe Northwest

Teel, Buhler

Lewis, Salina Central

Durbin, Ft. Scott

Mascharka, Derby


Public Forum Debate

Glueck/Khalif, Blue Valley North

Sullivan/Mckissick-Hawley, Shawnee Mission East

Sharp/Halberstadt, Shawnee Mission East

Steffen/Martin, Buhler

Thompson/Fitzgerald, Lyons

Cowen/West, Ft. Scott

Kellenbarger/Yager, Derby


Congress - Senate

Nichols, Blue Valley

Ma, Olathe North

Trent, Olathe Northwest

Sprague, Olathe South

Stuewe, Salina Central

Pena, Garden City

Mikolajcik, Derby

Childress, Field Kindley


Congress - House

Hancock, Aquinas

Xu, Blue Valley

Miller, Shawnee Mission East

Raghuveer, Shawnee Mission East

Alexander, Bishop Miege

Hanson, Sacred Heart

Habluetzel, Buhler

Skala, Newton

Linn, Field Kindley

?????, Field Kindley


Foreign Extemp

Chang, Blue Valley Northwest

Gress, Aquinas

Leib, Shawnee Mission East

Halter, Shawnee Mission East

Bender, Sacred Heart

Bergen, Newton

Mott, Independence

Mecom, Field Kindley

?????, Fort Scott


Domestic Extemp

Bernard, Aquinas

Sivakumar, Blue Valley North

Gregory, Bishop Miege

Hutchinson, Sumner

Mattek, Salina Central

Prochazka, Newton

Mueller, Field Kindley

?????, Fort Scott



Naster/Sutton, Blue Valley North

Desai/Guy, Shawnee Mission West

Banks/Coppage, Sumner

Diaz/Perez, Garden City

Jensen/Train, Sailna Central

Kendrick/Johnson, Parsons

Crane/Wright, Field Kindley


Original Oration

Theissen, Blue Valley

Chandra, Blue Valley North

Vaughan, Olathe Northwest

Villanueva, Sumner

Lott, Garden City

Harger, McPherson

Parriott, Salina Central



DeCoursey, Blue Valley North

Roberts, Blue Valley North

Wright, Sumner

Preston, Sumner

Leake, Sterling

Stucky, Moundridge

Bates, Sterling

Shoemaker, Southeast

?????, Fort Scott



Coatar, Aquinas

Parker, Blue Valley North

Burns, Olathe South

Johnson, Sumner

Starr, McPherson

Howell, Newton

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Full list for Three Trails follows:


Policy: as above

PFD: Glueck/Khalif, BVN

LD: Saeidan, BVW

SENATE: Nichols, BV; Ma, Olathe North

HOUSE: Hancock, STA; Xu, BV

FX: Chang, BVNW; Gress, STA

USX: Bernard, STA; Sivakumar, BVN

OO: Theissen, BV; Chandra, BVN

DI: DeCoursey, BVN; Roberts, BVN

HI: Coatar, STA; Parker, BVN

DUO: Naster/Sutton, BVN


The NFL online front page news updates will probably give you the rest of what you need, if you track back a week. Tell ya what, put the full list together and I'll run fantasy nats this year. :)

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1. Austin Miller, SME

2. Tara Raghuveer, SME

3. Erin Alexander, Bishop Miege



1. Tony Trent, Olathe Northwest

2. Michael Sprague, Olathe South



1. Yuqi Hou, SMW

2. William Kist, Olathe Northwest



1. Drew Gregory, Bishop Miege

2. David Hutchinson, Sumner



1.Dana Leib, SME

2. Emily Halter, SME



1. Olivia Sullivan/Eden Mckissick-Hawley, SME

2. Sharp/Halberstadt, SME



1. Devin Burns, Olathe South

2. ?



1. ??, Sumner

2. Soham Desai/ Rob Guy, SMW


Original Oration

1. ?

2. Ashley Vaughan, Olathe Northwest


Sorry, I didn't remember a lot of the interp qualifiers.

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Hutchinson - Sumner



Villanueva - Sumner



Johnson - Sumner



Wright - Sumner

Preston - Sumner



Banks/Coppage - Sumner

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These are the students actually going to Nats from West Kansas, several students deferred or double qualified


LD - Adam Teel - Buhler, Kris Lewis - Salina Central

PFD - Collen Steffen/Sam Martin - Buhler, Dawn Thompson/Jill Fitzgerald - Lyons

Policy - Todd Wells/Amanda Ramirez - Garden City, Max Goering/Katie Benson - McPherson, Katelin Morey/Tyler Blake - Hutchinson

Senate - Sam Stuewe - Sailna Central, Alonso Pena - Garden City

House - Gavin Hanson - Sacred Heart, Evan Habluetzel - Buhler, Jacob Skala - Newton

DI - Micah Leake - Sterling, Marike Stucky - Moundridge, Destiny Bates - Sterling

HI - Sam Starr - McPherson, Robert Howell - Newton

Duo - Alex Diaz/Sam Perez - Garden City, Brandon Jensen/Courtney Train - Sailna Central

OO - Morgan Lott - Garden City, Drew Harger - McPherson, Sydney Parriott - Salina Central

IX - Sean Bender - Sacred Heart, John Bergen - Newton

USX - Davis Mattek - Salina Central, Tyler Prochazka - Newton

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South Kansas


IX - Mott, Independence and Mecom, Field Kindley


USX- ????, Fort Scott and Mueller, Field Kindley


DX- ???, Fort Scott and Shoemaker, Southeast


HI - I don't know either


OO- I don't know either


House - Linn, Field Kindley and ???, Field Kindley


Senate - Mikolajcik, Derby and Childress, Field Kindley


Duo - Kendrick and Johnson, Parsons, and Crane, and Wright, Field Kindley


PFD - Cowen and West, Ft. Scott and Kellenbarger and Yager, Derby


LD - Durbin, Ft. Scott and Mascharka, Derby


I put the people who actual qualified due to the fact some did double qualify.

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I updated the list again.


Dalton, you posted qualifiers for USX and DX. I could be wrong, but I was under the assumption that those are the same thing.


Anyone who knows other national qualifiers who are not on this list, please post their names so they are recognized for their accomplishments.

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