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Mr. White

Washington Debate Coalition Spring Fling 5/15

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Hi friends,


surely you've heard about the washington debate coalition by now.


(if not, stop, before you read ANY further check out our website: washingtondebate.org we're a nonprofit charitable organization [tax write off!] dedicated to supporting policy debate through coaching, training, and eventually funding. we're wicked awesome and we started two debate teams this year.)


We hosting an event this spring that's going to be totally awesome and that you really really want to attend. We're calling it our spring fling and it's going down on May 15.


What is it? sooo many things. Primarily it's an open entry debate tournament. You can debate with whoever you want! there's no entry fee! we're even offering you the chance to have requested match up (GRUDGE MATCHES!) We're debating next year's resolution and will send out an evidence packet for it (free ev! cut by CEDA finalist and hometown hero NATHAN "the hurricane" COHN!) We're also going to have pop culture debates!

there's going to be a banquet and awards!


We are asking all entries to bring some pledge money (we set $100 as a goal, which when you think about it comes down to two $25 dollar pledges per person, some people have already exceeded that)


it's happening at the UW in seattle (go huskies!)

we want this to become an annual event, a community celebration, but also a profile raiser for debate in the area generally so bring non-debate people! even if you don't debate you should come watch! It's going to rock!


here's some people that are debating:

Sean Harris (Holy Names)

Robby White (Ingraham)

Chad Rigsby (St. George's School)

John Julian (Newport High School)

Jeff Gans (Mercer Island)

Jeff Kingshott (Bainbridge Island)

Ruby Blum (Holy Names)

Sarah Sherry (Puyallup)

Jane McCoy (Mercer Island)

Chris McCool (Mercer Island)

Roger Copenhaver (Puyallup/Idaho State)

Luke Dolge (Gig Harbor)

Dakota Alcantara-Camacho (Oak Harbor/Mercer Island/Wisconsin)

Aly Hoover (Bellingham, Sehome & Squalicum)

Matt Rice (University of Michigan)

Tony Johnson (Idaho State University)

Brent Hamilton (Mead/Gonzaga University)

Karina Momary (Gonzaga University)

Lynette Douglass (Ballard High School)

Elizabeth Tatum (Ballard High School)


there's also parents, and toastmasters, and Indian food!



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Tell me how it goes! Sorry I couldn't make it.



It went well, though a good number of people bailed at the last minute.


But it was a success, especially for a 1st year event.


Ruby Blum + Sean Harris ended up winning the "tournament."

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