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I'm looking for two judges for NCFL weekend. That's memorial day weekend, May 29th and 30th. Their schedule isn't up yet but I believe it is five rounds on saturday plus elimination rounds on sunday.


We'd prefer judges that can transport themselves there. We'll put you up in a hotel but you'll need to share a room with the other judge. Its in Omaha Nebraska this year so I'd prefer judges in that region. We provide compensation per round and for availability for out-rounds even ones you don't called to actually judge but we're committed to.


Caveats: pick up ballots on time and turn them in early and follow the tournament rules. wake up really early both days. If we get fined for any missed ballots or what not, that will come out of your paychecks so please follow their rules. They're really big on crazy fines.


Preferred qualifications: You know how to flow, you debated in high school and/or college at some point.


If you're interested backchannel me and we can negotiate details at kkozakur@gmail.com


Kenneth Kozakura

Assistant Debate Coach

Lowell High School, San Francisco

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Something came up in our Diocesan League so it doesn't look like we're going after all at this point.


I'll keep this thread updated if we do end up going again.

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