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Logical Fallacies

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So, last year when the topic was alt energy, I wrote up a packet of logical fallacies that can be tagged on to an argument or run separately. I found that when it had a solid link and was argued well, it was a very nice tool to have.


I only debated my last year of high school (was forced to start debating open after only 1 or 2 novice tournaments) so keep that in mind. I don't debate anymore, but felt like posting this. Feel free to make editions and additions to it if you like. Also feel free to post about it, neg or aff (hehe...)


I know that logical fallacies don't necessarily need a packet, you can simply just bring them up. A few judges weren't too warmed by it for that reason, but I still like to run them this way. So, happy debating!


Here is the packet

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Pointing out logical fallacies is great; making this a voter is absurd. Just because you've pointed out an issue with one argument doesn't mean you win the debate. This is an ad-hoc rulemaking fallacy - arbitrary and self-serving rulemaking made up on the spot, even though the conclusion that a team should lose doesn't follow from proving one warrant wrong. Rather, use this site http://www.iep.utm.edu/f/fallacy.htm as a knowledge base for how to analytically expose flaws of opposing arguments.
That is dependent on the judge and the precise nature of the fallacy. If the Aff's entire solvency contention is based on a fallacious precept (or inherency for that matter), then exposing that fallacy is a powerful reason to vote neg in front of any judge who utilizes a presumption/burden framework. And even in an offense/defense framework, the idea of logical fallacies as an independent voter is no worse than many arguments for more traditional theory voters I've seen. AND: even if it's not enough to win a round on its own, a 30 second shell can neutralize the entirety of a larger position. I assume you'd accept that a fallacious link (hasty G and strawman are frequent in links) = No DA impact.

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