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AT Microfinance CP

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BUT not in the US - I know WNDI put out a US-specific one. I need an AT Microfinance globally (in developing, non-OECD countries)




or post here!

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try looking through the africa topic backfiles.. i think that one of the camps put out either a microfinance cp or a microfinance aff

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What does the team use as their net benefit?


I did in depth research on this, but didn't cut any cards.

Five arguments against micro-loans and micro-finance (like the Grameen Bank):

• Major defense: not everyone is an entrepreneur and their are definitive characteristics you must have. its like everyone isn't a lawyer or a teacher or an accountant or engineer.

• Perpetual debt (doesn't solve dependency, might link harder to poverty K) and debt default

• Shaming (links harder to poverty K) its the solvency mechanism for micro-enterprise.

• Suicide.

• Long timeframe


Two other sources of arguments to micro-lending/micro-finance:

• Aid tradeoff is they fund with US or development assistance bad/USAID can't solve (although only some of this will link).

• The next stage of this movement includes: micro-savings/micro-banking as well as micro-franchising. Both of these sub-movements have criticism of the first generation forms of micro-enterprise which the neg. will likely be using.


Its critically important to figure out what they do. Do they do fund micro-enterprise or do they fund micro-finance. If they use a Grameen Bank model--it seems like they would have to do the later. However, not many people come out against micro-enterprise (funding small business). However, micro-lending is where the disads are created.


Second, once you have this distinction clear--its important that the counterplan justify both--however, you should only have to beat the micro-lending component (assuming thats what they do) to win. *****


This counterplan would work much better if they just a) funded micro-enterprise B) funded specific examples of micro-enterprise or specific providers/products/models which had empirical success in creating specific poverty and marketplace results.


Research Resources for Criticism of Micro-Lending and Micro-loans

I wrote a summary of the criticism of micro-lending and arguably some micro-e here. I referenced 3 or so arguments in particular--check out:

1) Boston Globe: http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2005/11/13/the_pitfalls_of_microlending/

2) Stanford (SSIR): http://www.ssireview.org/articles/entry/microfinance_misses_its_mark/

(I seem to remember this guy wrote another article: Aneel Karnani )

3) Action Institute: http://www.acton.org/commentary/commentary416.php

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