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William Smelko

RIP Scott D, aka The Duck

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Gordon Stables at USC passed this email along to many. This is very sad news about a truly wonderful debate coach and teacher. My condolences to Scott's friends and family.




Scott Deatherage passed away last evening. The ceda forums

(http://www.cedadebate.org/forum) contains more specific information and

provides you an opportunity to share remembrances.


Please keep the NU debate family in your thoughts and prayers today.

We have a lot of folks in common. Tom Goodnight was Scott's

predecessor, Brian McBride worked closely with him during their

championship run, Noah debated for Scott as part of that run and many

more connections.



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This is from Leonard Gail of the National Urban Debate League and explains much about the influence and legacy of Dr. Scott Deatherage.


The NAUDL’s Executive Director, life-long educator, and our friend and colleague Larry Scott Deatherage passed away the morning of December 25, 2009. He was 47 and died of cardiac arrest.


Throughout his life, Scott believed in the ability of debate to transform the lives of students. As a Northwestern University faculty member, Scott taught countless students the power of sharp thinking, persuasive communication, and argumentation. As Director of the Northwestern University Debate Society, Scott was one of the most successful coaches – if not the most successful coach – in college debate history. As the Executive Director of the NAUDL, Scott turned his extraordinary talent and focus to helping extend learning opportunities to students who might not otherwise have access to debate. Under his leadership, the NAUDL built institutions that will continue to provide life-trajectory changing intellectual challenges to thousands upon thousands of urban students across the country for years to come. His life, and his commitment to that work, came to a close all too prematurely.


Scott’s family posted the following on the afternoon of December 25:


As most of you know by now, Scott passed away early this morning. In his last two days, he was surrounded by friends and loved ones. Scott's family is working to deal with the immediate practical challenges of this tragedy, and has not yet set a time or place for a funeral or memorial service. Plans for those events, however, are in the works for the near future, and we will make sure you are all informed as soon as they are finalized. Thank you all for your continued patience and support – it has meant the world to Scott's family.


The NAUDL will distribute information regarding memorial services in Scott’s honor as it becomes available at http://www.urbandebate.org/scott. You may also be interested in visiting discussions on the College Policy Debate Forums site and Facebook. At both sites, Scott’s friends and colleagues have shared memories and have paid tribute to him, and additional information about the memorial services will be posted there as well.


On the heels of this tragic loss, please join us in remembering with admiration Scott’s remarkable life and work.


The NAUDL Board and Staff

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Offense, offense, offense. Anticipate your opponent's warrant and undermine its credibility before they develop an explanationn in the first instance. Don’t answer the argument as it is but as it will be.


The wonder of the world is less than what it was.

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