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Afgan internal

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does anyone have any cards or know where I can find any

that provide an internal to another impact

besides terrorism

PM me, I actually got some cards on it dealing with spiritual poverty,

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Afghan Instability spills over

Starr 1

S. Frederick, Chairman of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies Johns Hopkins University, “The War against terrorism and US bilateral relations with the nations of Central Asia” 12/13/01, online


However, this does not mean that US actions are without risk to the Central Asian states. Quite the contrary. For a decade they have faced not only the

dangers arising from Afghanistan but also the constant threat posed by certain groups in Russia, notably the military and security forces, who are not yet reconciled to the loss of empire. This imperial hangover is not unique to Russia. France exhibited the same tendencies in Algeria, the Spanish in

Cuba and Chile, and the British when they burned the White House in 1812.

This imperial hangover will eventually pass, but for the time being it remains a threat. It means that the Central Asians, after cooperating with the US, will inevitably face redoubled pressure from Russia if we leave abruptly and without attending to the long-term security needs of the region. That we have looked kindly into Mr. Putin’s soul does not change this reality.

The Central Asians face a similar danger with respect to our efforts in Afghanistan. Some Americans hold that we should destroy Bin Laden, Al Queda, and the Taliban and then leave the post-war stabilization and reconstruction to others. Such a course runs the danger of condemning all Central Asia to further waves of instability from the South. But in the next round it will not only be Russia that is tempted to throw its weight around in the region but possibly China, or even Iran or India. All have as much right to claim Central Asia as their backyard as Russia has had until now. Central Asia may be a distant region but when these nuclear powers begin bumping heads there it will create terrifying threats to world peace that the U.S. cannot ignore.



Afghan economy key to check Pakistan collapse

John Wall and William Byrd, 10/5/01, online: http://www.mafhoum.com/press2/71E12.pdf

Afghanistan’s economic situation has significant regional spill-over effects— through unofficial trade, narcotics, terrorism and extremism, financial flows, and movement of people. These spill-over effects tend to undermine revenue collection, governance, and the effectiveness of economic policies in neighboring countries, particularly Pakistan. The long drawn-out conflict situation, without an effectively functioning state most of the time, has led to a situation where conflict-related or conflict enabled economic activities and structures have become entrenched, and there are significant groups who are benefiting from the current situation and therefore have a vested interest in its continuation.


Afghanistan key to hegemony – stability guarantees geographic foothold

Cutler, 2001 (Robert M., Foreign Policy in Focus, “US INtervetion in Afgh.: Implications for Central Asia”)

The geopolitical significance of the U.S. war in Afghanistan for Central Asia is the on-the-ground foothold that it gives the

American military in the region. Certainly China views the U.S. presence as a hindrance to its strategic objectives of dominating

the region, and probably Beijing does not believe that the U.S. has staying power there. But the U.S. military intervention in

Afghanistan increases the prospect of a continuing U.S. military presence on the ground in Uzbekistan--above and beyond the

presence of "merely" economic instruments of diplomacy such as the presence of the international energy companies. It has

monkey-wrenched an incipient consolidation of Sino-Russian hegemony over Central Asia and motivated the beginning of a rapprochement between Moscow and Washington, the eventual success of which, however, remains in doubt.

Edited by Arthur Schopenhauer

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