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DAs and CP

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Is it a legitimate and/or fair neg strategy to run a CP and also run a DA which links to both the CP and the affirmative plan and then argue that if the CP is dropped, the judge should consider the DA?

In other words, the neg runs a CP and DA. The DA links to the CP and aff plan. The neg eventually drops the CP and goes for the DA in the 2nr.

Is this fair?

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Generally, it's not a good idea to do this since there are most likely plenty of other DAs you can run that don't contradict with the CP, fiving you a lot more leeway in the debate. You also have to remember that in terms of CP strategy, you always need a net-benefit to the CP. (this means you need something, like a Disad, that makes the CP a better option then the plan)


In terms of fairness, or "theory" as it's commonly called, it's not "unfair" to run a DA and a CP that contradict (albeit a bit dumb) but there is a question of fairness in "dropping" CPs. This, if you don't know, is a question of the "status" of the CP.

If you would like more information on that see these threads:



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