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We are so excited to host the EK debate invitational this weekend.

We wanted to ensure everyone received the most up to date copy of the invite - including our special activities for the weekend.

Please note - we are starting earlier on Friday so teams can have an extended dinner (with special events) and get home Friday at a reasonable hour.

Special Events Include (Get ready....)

- Pumpkin carving contest

- Tub Toss

- Guess the cards in the file (our version of guess the # of m&ms in a jar)

- Other events


There will be time during dinner for coaches to talk.


Dinner and Lunch basic items will be provided for by the tournament. Additional snacks may be purchased.





___ Invite ______


Dear Debate Colleagues,


The East Kentwood Debate Tournament cordially invites you to East Kentwood for a weekend of debate. Please reserve the weekend of October 16-17, 2009 and join us. We aim to provide a fun environment for quality and educational debates.



We will feature five preliminary rounds of two-person Novice, Junior Varsity, and Varsity switch-side policy debate. The tournament recommends that Novice debaters be in their first competitive year of debate and Junior Varsity competitors be in their first or second year of debate.

The tournament will also host four rounds of Saturday-only four-person Open debate. Teams composed of the same two debaters for all rounds and from the same school will be eligible for elimination rounds. All debaters that compete in all rounds will be eligible for speaker awards. All rounds will occur at East Kentwood High School.



Personalized certificates will be awarded to the top ten speakers in each division and to the teams advancing to elimination rounds.

We hope to award some specialized school awards to the schools traveling the furthest and bringing the most competitors. Several other events throughout the weekend may also warrant special awards.



During our extended dinner time, we will host a series of fun, competitive events.

Pumpkin carving, tub toss and guess the number of cards in a file are a few of this year’s special events. Appropriate prizes will be awarded!



To register, send an e-mail to ekdebate@gmail.com with contestant names and judge information. Entries are due the Wednesday prior to the tournament at 4:00pm. Registration fees will also be frozen 4:00 PM on the Wednesday before the tournament. We may be able to take additional teams after the deadline if space permits. If entries warrant, we will send out mutual preference sheets. Preference sheets are due 9:00 AM Friday morning.



The entry fee is $60 per two-person Varsity or Junior Varsity entry and $60 per four-person Open entry. A half-judge is required for every two debaters. Schools who cannot provide judges may hire from the tournament for $90 per half-judge in the two-person divisions or $120 per full-judge in the Saturday-only division. Judges are committed to one round beyond their school’s elimination. Please contact the tournament if the entry fees are a barrier to your team’s participation.



Meals for students, judges, coaches and observers will be provided by the tournament. Snacks will be available at a reasonable cost.



East Kentwood is located at 6230 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Kentwood, MI, 49508

M6 and Kalamazoo is the nearest highway intersection. Parking is available in the north central lot the days of the tournament. Registration will occur in the main foyer by the commons.



There are several hotels within minutes of the tournament.

Holiday Inn Express (877) 531-5084 – 6569 Clay Ave, Grand Rapids, MI, 49548

Amerihost Inn - (616) 827-9900 - 7625 Caterpillar Court, Byron Center, MI 49315

Comfort Inn - (616) 957-2080 - 4155 28th St., Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Super 8 (formerly the Exel Inn) (616) 957-3000 - 4855 28th St., Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Fairfield Inn (616) 940-2700 - 3930 Stahl Drive, Grand Rapids, MI 49546



Please note that we are starting a bit earlier on Friday .



Wednesday, October 14

4:00 Fees Frozen


Friday, October 16

9:00 Judge Prefs Due (if number of entries warrant)

11:30 Coach Gathering? (tba)

12:30 Registration

1:00 Pairings

1:30 Round 1

3:30 Round 2

5:30 Dinner, Events, & Forum

7:15 Round 3



Saturday, January 10

8:00 Pairings

8:30 Round 4

10:45 Round 5

12:30 Lunch

1:00 Quarters

3:30 Awards

3:45 Semis

6:00 Finals




Coach Gathering


We look forward to seeing you in October!


Thank you,

The East Kentwood Debate Team


Pete Battey, Tournament Director


(616) 308-6786


Ellen Zwarensteyn, Director of Debate


(248) 321-4842

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This is where we are:


Brother Rice CH (Michael Crowe & Evan Hebert)

Cadillac GJ (Alex Gerding & Devin Johnson)

Cadillac WRV (Jessica Weaver & Roberson/Verhagen)

Dexter HK (Lukas Hosford & Matt Kaas)

East Kentwood BC (Devon Boone & Shantel Clark)

East Kentwood BG (Brandan Bilski & Brandon Gafford)

East Kentwood BS (Rochelle Bullen & Rayquel Scroggins)

East Kentwood BaGr (Abby Bartlett & Gurgen Grigoryan)

East Kentwood GJ (Anthony Gibson & Jennifer Johncock)

East Kentwood GS (Taylor Graham & Taylor Sanchez)

East Kentwood LO (Cody Leedham & Mitchell O'Brien)

East Kentwood MP (Ricky May & Troy Patton)

East Kentwood MS (Albrei Mudry & Ben Smale)

East Kentwood MT (Austin Millard & Zachary Tew)

Eisenhower BM (Amanda Barnes & Sydney Machesky)

Eisenhower GM (Ryan Miller & Justin Gawronski)

Eisenhower KM (Garrett Kohler & Michael Manning)

Eisenhower M (Albert Ma & Albert Ma)

Forest Hills Central AA

Groves D (Alesia Dunlap & Alesia Dunlap)

Groves GK (Nick Glover & Austin Kue)

Groves KP (Hannah Katz & Margeaux Phillips)

Groves NS (Carina Nikoriak & Ellen Searle)

Groves SS (Eli Sherman & Holly Sterling)

Mona Shores DH (Alex Dippel & Ricky Hall)

Mona Shores GBS (Serena Gale-Butto & Morgan Schwing)

Mona Shores GP (Sam Grimm & Haley Perkins)

Mona Shores MJ (Audrey Maxson & Emma Jones)

Mona Shores MW (Scout Morton & Abby Wilson)

Mona Shores SW (Tyler Slamkowski & Kyle Willson)

Mona Shores WW (Travis Wheeler & Donna Wilcox)

Traverse City Central BC (Clark Belanger & Evan Cover)

Traverse City Central BG (Amanda Burns & Alex Gill)

Traverse City Central BQ (David Blesh & Kevin Query)

Traverse City Central BS (Connor Becker & Katie Stanton)

Traverse City Central CH (Kennedy Cullen & Brandon Henton)

Traverse City Central CT (Erin Cover & Niki Tubacki)

Traverse City Central FP (Daniel Fedor & Mike Payne)

Traverse City Central HT (Sophie Hutchison & Skylar Thompson)

Traverse City Central TW (Nick Thomas & Andy Wynkoop)

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(1) Mona Shores SW d. (8) IKE KM

(2) Groves SS d. (7) Mona Shores WW

(3) TCC CH advances over (6) TCC HT

(4) Groves GK d. (5) TCC BQ



(1) Mona Shores SW d. (4) Groves GK

(2) Groves SS d. (3) TCC CH



(1) Mona Shores SW d. (2) Groves SS 3-0




1. Kevin Query- TCC

2. Tyler Slamkowski- Mona Shores

3. Travis Wheeler- Mona Shores

4. Garrett Kohler- Ike

5. Katie Stanton- TCC

6. Skylar Thompson- TCC

7. Kyle Willson- Mona shores

8. Mike Payne- TCC

9. Audrey Maxson- Mona Shores

10. Kennedy Cullen- TCC


Junior Varsity


East Kentwood GS d. TTC TW




(1) Brother Rice HK d. (4) Cadillac GJ

(2) Dexter HK d. (3) Mona Shores GP



(2) Dexter HK d. (1) Brother Rice CH 2-1



1. Matt Kaas- Dexter

2. Evan Hebert- Brother Rice

3. Lukas Hosford- Dexter

4. Sydney Machesky- IKE

5. Michal Crowe- Brother Rice

6. Haley Perkins- Mona Shores

7. Sam Grimm- Mona Shores

8. Ricky Hall- Mona Shores

9. Alex Dipple- Mona Shores

10. Devin Johnson- Cadillac

Edited by Zpreston

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The East Kentwood Debate Tournament is about much more than debate. Our community building efforts and friendly competitions resulted in the following:


Pumpkin Carving - Mona Shores and their representation of 5:00 of T

Guess how many cards in the subsidies aff - Austin from Groves

Tub Toss - Ricky and Cody from EK with the hammer throw technique

Mike Leap wish you had a partner award - Albert Ma from Ike

Cat Duffy award for hopelessly delaying a tournament - not awarded

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I doubt anyone cares, but I found it interesting that there was only one upset out of the 9 break rounds.

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Adding some details of the open breakrounds -




(1) Brother Rice HK d. (4) (aff) Cadillac GJ 3-0 (Nierman, Overbeek, Colburn)

Aff: Overturn Milliken v Bradley

2nr: Distinguish CP, Legitimacy Net Benefit; Test Case Fiat Theory


(2) Dexter HK d. (3) (aff) Mona Shores GP 2-1 (Najor, Mehling, Saloka*)


2nr: Gates CP, CTBT Politics NB



(2) Dexter HK d. (1) (aff) Brother Rice CH 2-1 (Nierman, Goldberg, Colburn*)


2nr: T - means-testing

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