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I've been on a Madlib/J Dilla instrumental binge for a while now, so i figured i'd make a thread about it.


What's the best beat you've ever heard in a song?


I'll start: Madlib - Movie Finale (Beat for Mos def's "Auditorium")

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so this may not go perfectly with what youre asking but i was just about to look for a thread about good beats.


I just got back from watching two of my neighbors spin for a few hours, so sick.


I've been listening to a lot of the Chemical Brothers mixes lately. Really good stuff.


I love goldenpath but thats not exactly what you're looking for. try In Dust, they do the fight club theme song, a billie jean remix, setting sun, Dont hold back.


also passion pit- sleepyhead - soooo good, especially with the music video

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