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I went to a tournament on Saturday and this one school was running an ecosocialism aff. I didn't hit them but, I was just wondering if anyone has heard of this case or knows how to counter it?

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was it the king george invitational? i heard about that too... i was wondering how to answer it as well

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obviously there's the socialism bad leads to yadayadayada

but i suppose you could also argue socialism has no precedent and they can't claim solvency on such a huge plan based off of models/projections by some random scholars/sources

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Strategic suggestions for cross-examination

Isolate in cross ex which version of eco-socialism they do.


Isolate in cross-ex what the government organization is post plan--do we have a Constitution any more? what happens to our defense department and nuclear weapons? How do we defend from outside attack?


Isolate in cross ex the timeframe for the ecological catastrophe and specific countries that go to war


Finally, isolate how eco-socialism is different from regular old socialism.


Note: they can probably make the argument that eco-socialism is a decentralized solution versus all the other versions of socialism that have been tried to date.


Solvency Debate for Eco-Socialism Transition:


1) Violent Transition (Mead 92 makes this argument)


2) The Empire Strikes Back/Elites Backlash (although they will probably argue they fiat the USFG)


3) Globalization bounces back--it won't go away. It re-emerges after the downturn. So call the cap bad still happens post the plan.


Prepare Advantage Frontlines for Each of the Arguments they Ran by Looking at Your Flows:


My guess is their (primary) advantages can be answered by. You want to be deeper than they are on the following 3 issues.

1) Cap solves poverty


2) Cap solves the environment/resources

(also tech key to solve for the environment)

(also centralization solves the environment better--these cards I don;t think are very good)


3) Cap solves war/violence


4) Cap solves for hierarchy/equality (this has some intricate cross application to poverty, but separate) A dependency argument might be appropriate here.


5) Decentralization = Race to the bottom. This is a way to tip the scales on all of the arguments. You need a centralized authority to create floors/ceilings for government reform.


Here are other disads to the aff:

1) Cap key to going to space. Space key to avoiding extinction.


2) Cap key to hege. Hege checks nuclear conflict.


3) Communitarianism (not communism) leads to protectionism--this leads to nuclear conflict. (basically de-centralized government will set up more trade barriers to outside goods. Protectionism historically lead to World War II according to many scholars. This would likely anger the EU and China. (their argument back is probably--we'll theses countries are socialist now--so they will like it. But they are government run socialism--not bottom-up eco-socialism.)


4) You can use your coersion disad/critique to answer their ethics claims [for instance they may have arguments like capitalism immoral or socialism is the most moral system. they may also have claims like the environment is intrinsically good or socialism is intrinsically good]

Other Strategic Considerations for Answering Eco-Socialism

They may talk about human nature. If they win human nature they can use this on other arguments. So be ready to roll on this and impact it.


75% of your eco-critiques link.


You might run a topicality/ theory argument to get you disad links or time tradeoff


You may need to run a Free Market counterplan to give your Cap good turns their full weight. (ie they could argue that the current system is a mixed economy given we have things like medicare)


Win quickest timeframe and disad turns the case. This is your best bet for the 2nr--Hege and space disads (both which end in extinction) with a violent transition that tanks solvency for eco-socialism (also war is bad for the environment.


Or you could consult NATO (they would kinda like to know if we are just going to switch our total economic system).


Also, Berkeley (aka CNDI) put out a file on socialism which should help you. Also, capitalism bad files (also have many answers, as do the critique answer tool boxes)

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