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Houston Memorial Looking for judges this weekend

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Case in point: Westwood had a student transfer to a Houston school, we know, for a fact (as in, the person admitted to it and people from recipient schools corroborated) that said person used our online storage devices that they had access to to distribute Westwood files to more than one school in Houston.


These are not lies he's using as warrants, they happened.


Quick problem with this... This means this student had access to the file and openly distributed it in your own words... in this case their is only one "unethical" person... That student, other people have no way of knowing if they are getting a "westwood" file...


Even if it says westwood on the header... Theirs no way of knowing whether this person traded the evidence with a different header... Also theirs no proof this kid didn't go to Michigan as Lawlrus said and "take credit" for the cards, even thought he just copied and pasted them...


In this case the file is distributed and it was done purposefully, whether by design or not...


When people transfer files go with them and thats life.


I'll Echo Carswell In saying don't call this a regional issue, perhaps this is a couple squads issue in which is should be talked out through private means...

*Maury* as an example of maturity. I think he did the "grown up thing" and admitting he may be wrong. Everyone should take a lesson from Maury in this forum and learn to be Grown up... Maybe even Myself included to some degree.


As for Lawlrus... Hope you didn't do it bud and this is an accurate defense of your ethics... If not I retract everything previously said.... O yeah im becoming a politician.

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