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Borders K

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Summary of the Argument/Possible Impact Scenarios:


Here is a short outline of potential impacts to borders:


1) borders create essentialized identity (ie borders circumscribe who we are)


2) borders destroy culture/are colonialist


3) borders = root cause of war (creates us/them identities)

--For instance borders in the Middle East and Africa create conflict. Or borders w/ mexico also help create a war against immigrants and other outsiders.


4) securitzation and threat construction style impacts are eluded to in the UK Fellows file


5) racism (the MNDI file impacts in racism) my guess this impact derived out of both a) colonialism B) us/them constructions


6) Authors like Foucault and I think Agamben and other folks who critique sovereinty are also viable.


There are two main authors: Shapiro (Violent Cartographies) and Tuathail (Critical Geopolitics) (Dalby gets an honorable mention) If you go to the index of Tuathail book and look for "Foucault" not surprisingly he makes Foucaultian style argument as well.


Tuathail is/was a professor at Virginia Tech and maintains a web page with his publications.


Of course this debate can easily devolve into state good/bad and realism good/bad. theres also the question of imperialism/colonalism/hege.


Existing Borders Critique Files that Might Be Helpful

I posted a link to a couple borders/critical geopolitics files on another thread.


Kentucky Fellows 2004 file: http://www.scribd.com/doc/19518/Borders-Kritik-Kentuck-Fellows-2004


MNDI 2004 file: http://www.scribd.com/doc/19519/Borders-Kritik-MNDI-2004


Its been a while since I've seen borders run, but borders check capitalism plus an impact to capitalism--an argument shapiro makes actually (which is found in the Anti-K file from UK from either 2003 or 2004) is probably one of the most obvious args along with typical framework, state good, hege good/west is the best, realism good arguments.


Some other related critical international relations cites you might find interesting and useful:

---Campbell, D. (1992) Writing Security: United States Foreign Policy and the Politics of Identity (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press)


---Walker Inside, Outside


---Jim George


---this critical geopolitics bibliography (scroll to bottom)

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