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Wichita area debate schedule?

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I am not very familiar with Wichita tournaments. Here is what I have as a schedule thus far, can anyone fill me in on those I am missing before the rules meeting?

Sept. 18/19 - *Washburn Rural

September 25/26 - *Hutchinson High School, Derby, Goddard

October 2/3 – Winfield, Ark City

October 9/10 - *Wichita East, Campus

October 16/17 – Field Kinley, Bishop Carroll

October 23/24 - *BV North, Remington (N)

October 30/31 – Pittsburg, Wichita Collegiate

November 6/7 – *Our Tournament!

November 13/14 - *Newton

November 20/21 – Topeka High,

December 4/5 – Maize, Augusta (N)

December 11/12- NFL qualifier

December 18-19- Regional’s (location TBA)

Jan 8-9: Novice State (location TBA)

Jan: State at Goddard!

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Additions: (I'm adding what I know, not necessarily just Wichita area)


Sept. 25-6 - Hays

Oct. 2-3 - *ONW

Oct. 16-17 - Buhler, *BVW

Oct 30-1 - KCKCC

Nov 20-1 - Salina Central and South

Dec 4-5 - Lawrence

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Theres a novice state this year?!?


There's always a novice state (not officially sanctioned or anything) on the DCI weekend.

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