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Babyface Abbasi

A2 Securitization K: Evidence

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Can people just compile and load as many answers to securitization, such as realism, they can find in any of their backfiles or otherwise?


We're compiling a bunch of evidence at ADI and we're calling on the debate world to help out lol


Here's some things it could fit:

realism true/good

alternatives to realism fail

discourse focus bad

threats real

self-fulfilling prophecy false

violence inevitable

security inevitable

otherization inevitable

biopower inevitable

totalizing security bad

defensive realism solves

pragmatic change good

permutations solve


Thanks All. No explanation necessary just post em up.


- Cal

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Great list....I would probably add these 8 to the list....


• fear good

• fearing the bomb is good

• scenario planning good/prediction good

• reps of nuclear war good (UTD runs a really sweet one)

• biopower good (Dickenson???) its been run since the "detain w/o charge topic"

• reclaim biopower (Campbell)

• debates of representation kills K + democracy (Butler)

• AT: Dillion/Value to life




references above...

Dickinson 04 (Edward, Biopolitics, Facism, Democracy, Central European History v37 n1, Ass. Prof. Hist. at University of Cincinnati)


value to life....but there are many others including arguments about euthanasia

LEVINSON 2004 ( Jerrold, Department of Philosophy, University of Maryland. “Intrinsic Value and the Notion of a Life.” The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Volume 62 Issue 4, Page 319 - October 2004; BlackwellSynergy)

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Thanks for the suggestions folks.


Alright lets do it, if any one has any cards cut and paste folks, ADI has 2 week left, any and all cards regarding Realism or A@ securitization are welcome!

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